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Real Name: Fernand Raymond
Class: Hardcore Gamer

Ray is the best gamer you've ever seen. He can finish any game with one hand. He plays PCs and consoles' games without distinction.

He is even worldwide known and the society "Gamers Against Ray" was founded just to kick him out of MMOs.
Still, he plays the MMORPG Daily Adventures On Computer (DAOC) with a special mode so his character can't be tracked and gets XP very slowly.

Ray is very naive and don't wander much in the real world. He doesn't even know how he graduated.


Real Name: Michael Leess
Class: Anime Fan

Mike is the most normal of the guys in the compagny, which is why he is the CEO, by default. Anyway, he hired Lina to do all his work.

At the beginning he tryed to do things for the compagny: get clients, get a cute pet, preventing his co-workers from killing people... but lately he just lets things go.

Mike has a huge crush on Lina since several years, but she's married and he is definitively stuck in the friend zone.


Real Name: Lina Hibiki
Class: Giiiirl... (drool)

She's not a geek yet, but she should be careful of their bad influence...

Lina knew Mike in high-school and he was fond of her. He still is but she's now married to a strange man she never introduced to the guys, until now.

Lina takes care of everything not related to IT in the company (she's not that good at it).

She likes anime and a little video games.


Real Name: Dick Mactaker
Class: Evil Overlord Wannabe

This guy is dangerous. He lives for himself and won't bother commiting a crime or two.
Dick usually carry a gun and is not afraid to use it, against his friends or his father...

Dick was hired as traitor by the World Commission against his company, gave them some informations and tryed to kill Lina's husband. He'll do anything at the best offer.
Tom knows he is a traitor but didn't tell the others and even helped him.

Dick is also the only guy in the team who actually gets laid (Lina excluded of course).


Real Name: Thomas Overdad
Class: Networks and GNU/Linux Geek

Big opensource fan, Tom codes. He rarely eats, he seldom sleeps, Tom just codes.

But Tom got many hidden talents. Of a devastating intelligence, he knows everything, hacked about every important computer on the planet, and seems to be able to perform magic !

He made a software with Donut that could change the whole world of networks, which made him a target of the World Commission.

The Firefox

Real Name: Firefox
Class: Animal / Cute Pet

This is the pet of the company. We don't see it enough, I agree.

Firefox seems to have very strange powers, like creating fire and becoming a big panda when he touches water.
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