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Dear DreamWorks. Can you hire back the guy who made Shrek's title? The new one is clearly using WordArt. And I fear you didn't paid the license.

Cher DreamWorks, Pouvez-vous reprendre le gars qui a fait le titre de Shrek ? Le nouveau utilise à l'évidence WordArt. Et j'ai peur que vous n'ayez pas payé la licence.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Dick isn't in the 'nice' list"
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2005-07-07 20:17:33

* Salagir

You know what it horrible? As soon as I have some free time, instead of making lotsa strips in advance, I just lose it. Like now I had 2 more days thanks to Chaps, and I managed to do a 8 panels strip!
Anyway I'm quite happy with it.

Readers comments:

2005-07-11 00:15:52


[ Nothin' yet ]
2005-07-11 08:07:53


C'est pas gentil ça....
quoique vrai :p
2005-07-11 09:54:18


"didn't pay" ^^

Salagir's answer:

Yep I changed the sentence at the last moment... too fast. Bad salagir! Thanks for pointing out.
2005-07-11 21:49:58


2005-07-12 01:50:07


Who is the woman?
2009-12-18 14:42:27

Votre pseudo.

c'est un peut tard pour repondre mais j'ai jamais compris ce strip ^^'

Salagir's answer:

WordArt est un outils de MS Word qui permet de faire, très facilement, des effets de textes strictement identiques à ceux de ces titres.
On retrouve du wordart dans 100% des flyers et autres impression un peu amateurs, de 1998 à 2005 (approx)

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