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I brought a gamecube. Wanna play Soul Calibur?
I'm in.
Sure, I love this game.
Then you can't play.
What, why?
If you've already played this game more than 2 hours in your life, we don't stand a chance.
Geez, I can't ever play! Last time you kicked me out of Samurai Shodown after 30 min of play!
That's your fault. You shouldn't have mastered it so fast.
You must understand that 26 Perfects straight was a lot to take!

J'amène une gamecube. Un ptit Soul Calibur?
Oui, j'adore ce jeu!
Alors tu joues pas.
Si tu t'es déjà entraîné à ce jeu plus de 2 heures dans ta vie, on a pas une chance.
Pff, Je peux jamais jouer ! La dernière fois vous m'avez jeté après 30 mn de Samurai Shodown !
C'est ta faute. T'avais qu'à pas le maîtriser si vite.
Parce que 26 Perfects à la suite, c'était un peu trop !!

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "DAOC : /Gamers Against Ray/ strikes"
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2004-10-24 22:44:33

* Salagir

Link of the day:

You may already know it, but I just heard about it some days ago :)
Not a lot of strips, but quality over quantity :)

Another quote of the day:

me hanging on a rope playing Tarzan and trying to say "Oh my, this is really going fast!" in a clear language.

Readers comments:

2004-10-25 10:21:30


Voldo forever...
2004-10-25 15:33:18


Nightmare rox !
2004-10-25 15:42:04


Kicks your ass !
2004-10-25 15:56:54


J'te l'ai assassiné ton voldo! gnarck gnarck gnarck (bon j'veux pas avoir si t'étais dans ton état normal!)

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