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How come you didn't tell me you've got married?
I didn't want the crazy you to come and ruin my wedding.
You've done well then. Why don't you wear the wedding ring?
Only on big occasions.
Do you really love him?
In fact I hate him, but you know, peer pressure and all...

Pourquoi ne m'as-tu pas dis que tu te mariais
Je ne voulais pas que tu te ramènes et ruine la cérémonie.
T'as bien fais alors. Pourquoi tu ne portes pas d'alliance ?
Juste pour les grandes occasions
Mais est-ce que tu l'aimes vraiment ?
En fait je le déteste, mais tu sais, la pression familiale, tout ça...

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Lina's introduction"
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2004-08-09 05:27:20

* Salagir

I see the naked girl thing doesn't work, so, here is now: get me tons of visitors, and you will win free Gamecubes, free PS2, but no X-Box ;p

Readers comments:

2004-08-16 22:01:40


what the f.. ?
2004-08-17 00:03:50


What I wanna say is that it's EXCELLENT, geek ! continue :oD
2004-08-17 09:49:50


good job. Just do it !

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