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I think Lina is being taken hostage by her husband.
I think she's pulling your leg.
I'll find a way to know.
I still have the number of her parents' house.
Hello, could you give us 5 minutes to answer a survey, please?
OK, 1st question. Was any member of your family whose name would be Lina forced to marry someone she doesn't like because of some pressure?

Je soupçone que le mec de Lina la retient en otage.
Je soupçonne que Lina se fout de ta gueule.
Je découvrirai la vérité.
J'ai toujours le numéro de ses parents...
Bonjour, voulez vous bien répondre à un sondage S V P ?
OK, 1ère question. Est-ce qu'un membre de votre famille dont le nom serait Lina est ou a été forcé de marier quelqu'un qu'elle n'aime pas dû à des pressions ?

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Lina's introduction"
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2004-08-09 05:27:20

* Salagir

I see the naked girl thing doesn't work, so, here is now: get me tons of visitors, and you will win free Gamecubes, free PS2, but no X-Box ;p

Readers comments:

2004-08-19 13:29:23


PAF ???
2004-10-04 23:18:31


Your strip still need some localization efforts: PAF (fr_FR) is EKI EKI EKI EKI TA PAAAANG WEECHA (en_UK) [win an Airbus ACJ if you tell me what was that all about!]
2004-12-01 15:18:10


the NI knights ?
2004-12-02 21:39:44


Which leather interior do you choose for your 3-bedroom 3-bathroom 5-conference-room 2-winged 1-cockpit ACJ aircraft ? (I didn't count the wheels, but they were all there last time I dreamt)
2007-03-06 17:22:46



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