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Irregular Cast


Ultimate Goodness

Real Name: none
Class: Ancient Spirit

Only client of the company, this ancestral and powerful spirit works everyday on making the world a better place. There is a Ultimate Evil too, but we never saw it.
U.G. can teleport himself and others, cast many magic tricks, and count "good points" for every sentient being on earth.
But his biggest power is his ever-changing shape. Actually he doesn't have any shape but often appears as an angel (in fact, the angel representation comes from him). For each person he meets, U.G. automaticaly turns into someone this person would want to help and open to. Most of the time, it's the person's dreamed creature. But UG also have "fighting forms" and can change for many reasons.

Black Ninja

Real Name: It's a secret
Class: Ninja, duh!

This first class ninja is linked to our heros because his hobby is MMORPG and he is a big fan of Ray.
Insanely skilled, he is said to be the best warrior in the world.
B.N. is fun and a good friend to have except he could kill you for some reasons. We never see his face (otherwise he'd have to kill you). He saves the world often, but nobody's aware of it.

B.N. is a gamer and fan of Ray. He accepted to help the team against any danger, in exchange, Ray joins his party in DAOC. B.N. also finds Tom quite too skillsfull for a mere computer guy.


Real Name: Dark Overlord Neo Underground Tyran
Class: Hacker

Best hacker in the world, been everywhere, done everything on the internet. Still, the police don't have anything against him.
He lives in his mother's basement. But right now, he's on the road to flee from the W.C., since U.G. isn't here anymore to teleport him to safety.

He joined our heros to help completing a software for U.G.. Since then, he's with Tom and U.G. in a battle against the World Commission.


Real Name: ???
Class: Hidden geek

This guy tries to live normally like any guy. Except he can't. He is a big swindling geek inside. Plus, he is crazy about Tetris.
So he loses his job all the time even if he is a good marketer and technicien, because he's always late, talk too much about tetris or say and do weird things.

Tetrisman reads in the subway while walking, plays tetris, get attacked by his cat, plays tetris, make presentations about big films to his friends, plays tetris, and looks for a new job every month.
The worst is he makes a comic-strip... a sprite webcomic based on tetris pieces. One new every day, and it's awful.

World Commission's Chief

Real Name: ???
Class: Evil Overlord

As clearly stated, he leads the World Commission, a shadow organisation with the biggest powers-that-be (Universal, Microsoft, Nintendo, Paws Inc...) that pulls all the strings in our society. We don't know where he is from, but it seems he and BoB (see next) went on many adventures on other planets. And his livid eyes are weird.

The W.C. is spyed by talking cats, and we don't understand why.

Bill Gates seeing Tom's software as dangerous for his company, the W.C. uses now all it's forces to destroy our heroes.

The Beyonder of Baal

Real Name: none
Class: Insanely powerful living weapon

B.o.B. was created by extraterrestrials and is totally undefeated since his birth a century ago. He is very high-maintenance and is constantly upgraded and his weak spots patched.
Since he is on earth, BoB is very very bored : no one to fight against, destroying armies is a piece of cake for him.
BoB uses the best magic in the universe, can regenerate from any wound, teleport, and many things like this.

You don't wan't him as an enemy. Too bad our heroes do...

Microsoft Girl

Real Name: Charlotte Pertesville (Born Charlotte Marie Gislaine Britney Wimbledon-Châteaubrian de la Routelière)
Class: Professionnal Vamp Girl

The MS Girl is Bill Gate's weapon again geeks and nerds. She makes any male her slave and so far, only Tom could resist her power.

Her attack against our heros finished as a beat-up from Lina. Since then, she wants revenge and Lina dead. She hired Dick to kill her, but that's when they learned that Lina is the Japanese Hulk's wife, and hurting her would mean being hunted and violently killed by him.
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