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Lina's Husband / Japanese Hulk

Real Name: Ryôga Hibiki
Class: Ex-Mercenary

Lina never talk about him, but he is a reknown man in the underground mafia.
This guy is weirdly strong. He can take a bullet in the head and survive. He destroys guns with his fingers and may fight with a column as weapon.
Still, he seems to get lost easily.

In order to protect his privacy, he said he'll destroy an entire mafia if he is attacked at home, or his wife anywhere. And he already did, bare-handed, to prove he was serious.

Ryôga is indeed taken from the manga Ranma 1/2. His life after "Ranma" and before "GsW" is told in my comment beneath this strip.

Mafia Guys

Real Name: ??? and ???
Class: gunmen

Since they attacked the company, these two guys went from failure to failure.
We can meet them with the underground guys, where the MS Girl spends much of her time.

The big guy in now a paranoid of magic tricks and keep a weird Mattel wand with him.
The small guy likes to have his hand on his back and keep his glasses all the time.

They both discovered the old forgotten roomate of the company, as he awaked.

Killer Girl

Real Name: ???
Class: killer

Hired by the World Commission to kill Donut.

She appears at strip 456 and was last seen at strip 557.
I don't think she'll ever want to see our heroes again.

Ninja Girl

Real Name: Anju
Class: Ninja

She works in the same ninja corporation as Black Ninja. She is a big fan of the Japanese Hulk and was hired to help him travel without getting lost.


Real Name: Evangelina Raymond
Class: Little Gamer

Ray's little sister, she is skilled in videos games.

The Yar

Real Name: ???
Class: Emo(?) Angst Gamer

Ray's nemesis... wanabee.
Best FPS gamer in the world, right after Ray.
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