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We can't kill him! He got superpowers!
He just waved at us with his hand and we were knocked out!
. . .

On peut pas l'tuer ! Il a des super pouvoirs !
Il a fait un signe vers nous avec sa main et on a été assommé !
. . .

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2006-02-09 02:04:04

* Salagir

The Great Harry Potter Revelation!

WARNING! This comment contains spoilers about the 6th Harry Potter. You've been warned. If you didn't read it, don't read that.

I have to let it out. My site isn't that much read so if everybody knows, I'll know the informations leaked from one of you. As Coluche said, I have your names.
So I will tell you about Harry Potter Book 7 today.
The fact is, I was thinking about a theory with a friend and soon as we talked we understood that we were absolutely right: this couldn't be different. To be sure, I asked JK Rowling. I have her mail since she mailed me about Geek's World site, and we talked many times about scenarios developements. I don't think I helped much, but thank me for the non-appearance of the brother-ogre in vol. 6 ;)

Anyway, she told me more and I can now reveal you all what it is about, so SPOILER WARNING, this is all the plot of vol 7 here.

So the main issue was: how come Dumbledore is so stupid, makes so unwise decisions, and still is very respected? I mean each time something bad happens, it's his fault. He sends Harry to live the worst life, with the baddest reason ever; he ask to trust untrustfull people, and consequences happens. Plus, he is supposed to rocks at magic, but never showed anything spectacular.
Well, here is the answer. First, in Dumbledore there is "Dumb". The fact id, Dumbledore is not a good guy. He is stupid and manipulated all his reputation.
Dumbledore used dark evil magic to take credit for other's actions, killing them afterwards. All went well until Voldemort, a young researcher studiing dark arts, found out that Dumbledore was actually using them. So Dumbledore accused him of all his crimes. As he was respected and Voldemort was ugly (he fell from a swing when he was young) and had a bad reputation for studiing dark arts and changing his name for something cooler (as did Herge, The Rock, and Salagir), everybody trusted Dumbledore and hunted Voldemort.
In a long quest to prove his innocence, Voldemort finished trapped in the Potter's house. The story of the saga is all about Voldemort trying to free himself from the trap and Dumbledore making (bad) actions to stop him form doing so. Now he is dead, Voldemort can tell the truth in vol 7.
Voldemort is in fact a very nice guy. In vol 7 you will see him feeding babies, doing charity work, raising funds to save dolphins... Voldy, as he like to be called, has a heart of gold. He will gladly forgive Harry who was manipulated by the only dumber guy than him on the planet: Albus Dumbledore.
Voldemort will become the next teacher of defence against dark arts, and will stay so for 20 years. Pupils will love him as he is so much fun and always in good spirit.
Dumbledore's body will be unburied and eaten by ravens. People will come from all the world to spit on him.
As Hagrid will say: " 'lways knew th'guy was a rotten fucka' ".

Readers comments:

2006-02-13 00:12:20


J'aime assez ce strip bien joué Sala !!

PS : "on a été assoméS" ^^
2006-02-13 00:31:21


Heuuu peut etre....
2006-02-13 01:08:59


ca fait mal la ou je pense :p

(deriere la tete)
2006-02-13 07:30:44


"Et Jésus leur dit 'Ca vous épate hein ?' " !D
Beau retournement de situation.
2006-02-13 11:21:29


J'ai trouvé son super pouvoir ! Quand il tand la main y a BN qui arrive et qui défonce tout le monde !!
2006-02-13 12:57:47


aah he used the force :)
2006-02-13 13:18:23


J'ai trouvé son super pouvoir ! Quand il tand la main y a BN qui arrive et qui défonce tout le monde !!/
Non c'est pas ça sinon il ne se demanderait pas pourquoi ils sont là respectivement...
2006-02-13 13:29:41


Le scénario est vraiment bien construit, on attend la suite avec impatience. Vont-ils réessayer ? UG va-t-il intervenir ? Dick sera-t-il démasqué ? Etc.

PS : J'ai reçu mon T-shirt GW :)
2006-02-13 22:33:09


Le boss a tiré un double un sur ses dés... échec critique ??? je pense que la table des rencontres va sortir un triple combat contre King-Kong, un tyranosaure et Bambi II le retour de la vengeance de la haine la prochaine fois

one more time: keep it up Salagir !
2006-02-13 23:29:03

Your nick!


Yea Jedi Mind Powers!!...
2006-02-14 04:42:11


2006-02-14 23:52:13


2006-02-19 21:39:58


AssomMés non?

Salagir's answer:

Décidément ce mot m'en veut. Je corrige ce soir.
2006-03-18 15:46:56


sala, ne t'en veux pas, on t'induit en erreur
c'est "on a été assomé"
depuis quand "on" est pluriel ???

mais la bonne phrase aurait été : "nous avons été assomés" ;)

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