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I'm handling the problem now. We can't loose more time!
But! I still have many plans left!
Not fair!
It's Mine! It...
Nice remote!
That's not a remote, that is...
The Nintendo Revolution controler!
This incredible controler can also do: - virtual sword - cook pan - fishing rod - Nunchaku - laser gun - cellular phone - nintendog - scientific calculator - pokeball - Imperial Star Destroyer - mousetrap Buy now!

Je prends l'affaire, il nous reste trop peu de temps.
Mais j'ai encore plein de plans d'attaque !
Po juste !
C'est mon dossier ! C'est ...
Sympa cette télécommande !
Ce n'est pas une télécommande, c'est une...
Manette de Nintendo Revolution !
Cette manette fait aussi : - épée virtuelle - poêle à frire - canne à pêche - Nunchaku - Pistolet laser - téléphone portable - nintendog - calculatrice scientifique - pokéball - Star Destroyer Impérial - piège à souris Achetez maintenant !

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2005-12-05 00:08:58

* Salagir

Rachid is back for a new strip!

On my part, I've reassembled the scenarios elements and now am ready for a new GsW session.
Joy everywhere!
Now vote ;p

Readers comments:

2005-12-07 00:15:44


Buy Noy ha ha ha xD
2005-12-07 01:00:35


What is he doing here ? he must be on UG side !
BTW, ph34r B1G N inn0vati0ns, mouahahah !
Et puis "po juste" s'écrit "pô juste" (Titeuf' touch ;) )

... (ps : niiiice strip)
Quoi que... Version française, deuxième fois : "plein" est in-va-riable :p
2005-12-07 01:29:20


I want it... and Meow... Theres a french version?! What! I mean, Quoi! Je prefere lire les affaires dans leurs langues originels... et je lis ce BD depuis quelques mois deja... Arg! Google time...

Salagir's answer:

Yes there is. The flag-link on top-right ^^. But french isn't the original version. I write them and invent them in english, then translate them.
Usually the english version is better because it was thought in this language. But often, being more fluent in french, I find nicer sentences when translating.
And there is still the problem I have sometime: "Fuck! How do we even say that in english?"
2005-12-07 12:00:32


"go to hell"? sadam hussen jsut said that to his judge what a coïncidence !! :D

Salagir's answer:

OMG Saddam himself reads me!
2005-12-07 13:49:32

Haures Dracochywa

Whaaa la pub xD mais t'as oublie le petit joystick avec.
2005-12-07 15:08:19


Ne l'achetez pas, c'est une arnaque !
Cette manette fait même pas sabre laser ni télécommande universelle. Et le pire : elle fait pas le café.
Bouhh c'est de la merde qu'il essaye de nous vendre !

En même temps, ce "vendeur" n'a fait qu'arnaquer des gens toute sa vie. ;)

Salagir's answer:

Ah ah je sens que tu as des trucs à dire sur Miyamoto !
lance toi et n'hésites pas à troller : je tomberai dedans tête baissée, tant j'aime cet homme :)
2005-12-07 16:36:29


-Imperial Star Destroyer" <------- LMAO
2005-12-07 20:56:03

Arokh Fithos

That device could be so useful in so many ways
2005-12-07 22:04:15


Where can I order?
2005-12-07 23:51:32

Pinai||eur ch|ant

ABC : j'ai bien une idée, mais je pense que moi et Sala n'avons pas le même usage de GBICs.
2005-12-08 00:07:49


J'adore Bates dans la 3ème. On dirait un enfant à qui on a pris le hochet :D
2005-12-08 02:38:14


Myimoto is Certaintly not a bad guy.
he's the father of mordern gaming.
2005-12-08 04:01:58


Modern gaming? The inventor of the PC is the father of modern gaming. Gaming systems must die. PCs will take over. Preferably PCs from Compaq.
2005-12-08 13:55:31


Modern gaming? The inventor of the PC is the father of modern gaming. Gaming systems must die. PCs will take over. Preferably PCs from Compaq.--------> Fo shizzle ma nizzle
2005-12-08 22:12:33


j'en veux une a Noel _
2005-12-09 04:05:52


console gaming die? i think not.
can you say "patch"? can you say "hardware compatipility"? >_<
long live the console market!
2005-12-14 02:50:28


Sure it will. At the point when consoles become computers hooked up to TVs, people will realize that they should get a real PC, not a imitation one that hooks up to a completely different machine to display. Oh, look, already happened: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360 . Hard drive, 3.2ghz processors, DVD drive. This is essentially a PC.
2005-12-18 07:22:31


Bah i've played one too many pc games that use the internet to fix an incompleat game
2007-04-03 12:31:04


il est vieux ce strip...j'avais oublié que la wii était appelée revolution avant...

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