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So your girl cheats on you and you're angry at me?
I must say, I don't understand.
Well, it's in fact very good that you've forgiven her.
But you should be angry at yourself first.
It's clear that she wanted something that you didn't gave her. Otherwise, she would have never searched for that thing with someone else, AKA me.
You should reconsider yourself and ask, what did you fail?
I will destroy your sorry face.
You don't answer the question.

Alors ta copine te trompe et tu t'en prends à moi ?
J'ai du mal à comprendre.
Enfin, c'est très bien que tu lui ais pardonnée.
Mais tu devrais t'en prendre à toi au départ.
Il est clair qu'elle voulait quelque chose que tu ne lui as pas donné. Sinon elle n'aurait jamais cherché cette chose avec quelqu'un d'autre, alias moi.
Tu devrais te poser la question "qu'est ce que j'ai raté ?"
J'vais t'exploser la gueule.
Tu ne réponds pas à la question.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Dick's girlfriend's boyfriend"
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2004-12-26 16:39:14

* Salagir

Back on our story. What will happen to our characters? Will Dick be beaten into tiny bits? How the author could wait so long to name him, and finally use "Dick"? Well, sorry, but this word is also a name? I couldn't let it go, I had to use it. And sorry again for the list of very bad puns I made with the characters' last names (cf. the not killer feature), but it could have been worse. Knowing that this character is a sucker, I was this close to name give him the last name "Sucker". The God of Lame itself stopped me.

Readers comments:

2004-12-27 20:10:23


arf ! enfin on a un petit retour a notre histore ! kom le dit Salagir : "Back on our story. What will happen to our characters?" sa fait plaisir !
2010-05-15 23:21:11



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