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This is in fact more my reading list. I found the proper way to give you all my favorites webcomics without forgeting any : by alphabetical order! They are also scored. Think that I read them, so even 2/5 mean it's interesting and good. 1/5 usually means I read it because I feel I have to ;)

To begin with, I must warn you : I never read strips day by day. I read them by packs of 30 at least. This make the ones with continuity much much more readable (MT for exemple).

All comics are in english only, except if I mention [fr] (french only) or [fr/en] (guess).

4/59 Chickweed Lane

The author draws VERY well (when he wants), and directly on graphic tablet ;) I love the humor and the characters. We also have a big part of cat strips that are hilarious, nonsense theories from Thorax, sarcasm from granny and reverend mother, joy and love from others.
You have all the archives, big resolution but bad greyscales and without the Sundays here and only the 30 latests, small def with good greyscales and colored sundays here

3.5/5Angst Technology

Oh yes I talked about this one. Closed for a long time, the archives are online again! But no updates. Anyway that's still a must-read. Geek and gamer humor, some puns and decent art.
On the author's site

4/5Apple Geeks

[Extrait] Astonishing art, little geeky-university humor. Sometime real crazy, especially in Apple stores ;)
The website

5/5Arlo and Janis

[Extrait] Oh I know I've linked to it, more than once! Why do I love this comic, why? The cat strips? Do this recall me of my family? In any case...
the lasts 30 and the author's blog with old cartoons

1.5/5Barkeater Lake

A recent comic strip, quite nice. It was displayed on comics.com but not anymore. It's publication keep going of the author's website.
A good part of Barkeater Lake archives


The peaceful and funny strip about a retired couple.
latest 30


Simply... good.
latest 30

2/5Big Nate

Very classic but nice. The art sucks :(
latest 30

4/5Bo Nanas

[Extract] This strip features a monkey encountering many different people trying to do something with their life, usually something crazy. We are in a crazy world after all. Full of joy and mild crazyness.
latest Bo Nanas

6/5Boulet [fr]

My current God. This is the blog of a pro french drawer. You can see him recently in Donjon and in Ragnarock. Art: wonderful. Humour: always astonishing. I can't say more, just go and read ALL archives!
All Boulet archive
Some selected: characs, Raptor, Mini geekette, Kazoo

2/5Bruno the Bandit

An old and good webcomic, maybe too old. Fun strips are now replaced by long storylines. I stopped reading it several months ago. But it still has a lot of value.
All archives


Already more than 1300 strips, this is about crazy animals owned who own a crazy girl. Aya the ninja cat, Rremly the small dragon, baby dustbunnies, and some wild cherries, ready to live stupid adventures under the chair or fighting a toaster (no, just a regular toaster)...
The author also makes tons of cute sculptures
All archives (fun fact: if you're the kind who reads backwards, recently the storyline was greatly slowed by the-author-speaks-to-you strips, fun also)

4/5Ced Universe [fr]

[Extract] Un blog BD sympa, d'autant plus qu'il n'a pas 5 ans d'archives avec un post par jour. Pour un gars comme moi qui aime lire les archives entières, c'est appréciable. (de plus, actuellement arreté)
Evidement c'est un blog par conséquent pour lire toutes les archives c'est une véritable horreur quand des posts se suivent.
Quelque sélections : un, deux
Le blog Ced Universe


[Extract] Very good art and many updates. Fun and totally understandable by non-roleplay gamers.
All Commissioned archive
Some selection : Halloween, Eraser, Tablet, NPCs

[Part of my guest strip]


Gamer strip, real fun. Sometime we have big storylines, but are still lot's of fun. Perfect then.
All Ctrl-Alt-Del archive
Some selection : getting away, Apple, Sony, robots


Who doesn't know that? Anyway it's a good classic and usually quite funny.
Lastest 30

3/5Dork Tower

A joyfull strip about roleplay gamers.
All archive Some selection : one, two, three

4.5/5Dr. McNinja

He is a doctor, and he is a ninja.
Very fun good action-aventure comics with perfect drawings.
All Dr. McNinja archive


It's a very classic recipe, but I laugh when I read.
Lastest 30 Drabble

3/5Dresden Codak

« Dresden Codak is an illustrated celebration of science, death and human folly. »
Very nicely drawn, and quality over quantity.
All Dresden Codak archive


Looks abandoned now. 190 strips of bad drawings, disgusting dialogs, offensive humor. You'll love it :)
All Elftor archive

3/5Elf Only Inn

After 2 years without updates, it's back ! Began with a biiig sequel of copy paste but became more and more stylish. Very fun. Irc-forum and D&D humor based, very nice.
All Elf Only Inn archive

3.5/5Flaky Pastry

This is a nice webcomics, less than a hundred in the archives to read. Art is pleasant and the tone is joyful humor. Oh, and fan-service, too.
All Flaky Pastry archive


It gots the good amount of absurd and crazyness, a little like the Perry Bible Fellowship.
Latest 30 F-minus


[Frazz Extract] Intelligent and fun. Simply wonderful. If you've seen all my strips, you've seen Frazz already. Lots of fans describe Frazz as a grown-up Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes, a 5/5 also, but not depicted here as it's off since a loong time). I don't think he is, but the author is clearly a fan and strips have a lot in common.
Some selected
Latest 30


And we come to the biggest strip of da world... I still read it. Yes, it doesn't take much time, and after all, I learnt English with Garfield, I learnt comic-strips with Garfield... And I featured Garfield in all my comics at least once (not in Geek's World yet but there was Jim Davis)... :)
Some people have made a very interesting thing, they took strips and simply erased garfields' baloones, making him a non talking animal. The strips instantly became more intelligent (sometime, Garfield justs confirm the punchline by explaining the situation...), more mysterious (sometime, the strip is just garfield (can be with Odie) acting for some reason with no text, it's at best relaxing ^^), more depthfull (it's the best: it shows how Jon is just a sad lonely maniac speaking to his cat...)
The website sucks. Flash only. Ads everywhere. A good sample of Davis' world :(

2/5Get Fuzzy

Very wordy. It's a lonely guy with a cat and a dog.. like the one above ? Not really. Just... see by yourself.
lastest 30


A great comic! Art: very good, and colored since a while. Scenario gets better and better. Fun and suspenseful, a RPG-oriented adventure that you must read.
Archives from the begining


Isidore le roi maliiinnn Et oui c'est lui ! Voilà l'origine des Entrechats. For English people, I don't know if for you, "Heathcliff And The Catillac Cats" is a classic anime for you, but for us, it is!!
Well, just to say, it does not look the same at all ;)
Latest 30

2/5Jump Start

I like Clarence's familly ;)
Latest 30 Jump Start

0.5/5Kit 'N' Carlyle

Very repetitive and quite cute cat strip. Can be read very fast.
Latest 30

3/5Koloc.fr [fr]

N'ayez pas peur du texte :)
Chaque case est indépendament encrée : il n'y a pas de copier-coller !
(Site mort, plus de lien!)
[FR] [EN]

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