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"Oh", you'll say, "that's just his friend websites, that doesn't mean they are good". So the logic is right, but you're on a good site, that values quality (this goes especially in this page) and good taste (example: Elftor). Therefore, the followings sites are good.

I may recall that as a good site myself, I should be linked too, even if you're not my friend I'll forgive you. Use these wonderful bans for your link. Some made-up statistic show that linking to Geek's World get you 23% more visitors a day and cure common cold.

Monster of Aaarrgh

Mon blog : Why do witches burn? [fr]

Ben oui, je suis faible, j'ai un blog, comme tout le monde. J'y parle de choses extrêmement importantes, et, bonheur suprème, jamais de moi. A lire absolument donc.
Blog Salagir

Faye's Gallery

Faye now colors all the strips of Geek's World, and she has her own gallery with many many pictures !
Faye's Gallery

Dark Pillow / Chaps : drawings [en/fr]

[Dark Pillow] So you've got this guy, right? Instead of coding like honest people do, he draws on a website, like, for fun. You follow so far? So he does as I do, except without scenarios and the fact that, he, can actually draw.
See his graphic on his website. Drawings everywhere and no unnecessary pages like a blog, comments in english.
Chaps drawed several strips for GsW.
Dark Pillow's drawings, oekakis, illustrations

Au coeur de DBZ [fr]

Ce merveilleux site parle de Dragon Ball Z. En long, en large, en travers. Surtout en travers.
Il n'y a pas de dossiers sur les personnages, de description de l'univers. C'est site pour les expérimentés dans le domaine, où l'on parle plutôt directement des points de détails, des erreurs du dessin animé, des intentions de Toriyama, voir de la taille et la masse de la Lune...
L'auteur de ce site est beau et talentueux.
Au coeur de Dragon Ball Z

Salachid Studio [en/fr]

Salagir and Chid (who drawed several strips for GsW) made, and are still making, a few comics together.
We have a few strips and a very very big production, the C.E.D., 270 pages of fighting and parodies.
Salachid Studio : Salagir and Chid Comics
[FR] [EN]

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