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The crazyest webcomic of the world. Of the world ! Not all strips are good, far from it. But we have already more than 1200 ! No preselection, just go and read the firsts strips !
http://www.lapin.org/index.php?number=1 / http://www.rabbit-comics.org
Lapin.org is also a webring of others crazy webcomics like Elftor I already talked about and one with adventures in.. a frige. Most of the strips are in french and english.

4/5Least I Could Do

Rayne is on egocentric trip to do all women in the world and just roxing all the time.
The cartoonist changed 2 times, the latest draws perfectly. Very good scenario.
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2/5Lewis Trondheim (Blog de) [fr]

Lewis is one of the best french comic author nowadays. He made the comic Lapinot and is guilty for the creation of Donjon, a series of series of comics.
He now has a comic-blog. Down note: the bastard displays only the latests, and whiten them with time °_° ... I don't care, I automaticaly download them huhuhu


What to say? Two geeks, a slut, student environment, the perfect place.
Some selected : Deaf, Morning, Yoda, Pick-up lines, Bored, Good game
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3/5Liberty Meadows

Frank Cho is a great guy. He draws a comics strip with little TexAvery-esque animals, and beautiful women. And in his free time, he makes a strip about a half nude girl who beats up dinosaurs. What could we ask else for???
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2.5/5Little Gamers

Well you all know it?.. no? Gaming webcomic.
Some selected : one, two, three
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4/5Mac Hall

College webcomic going to young workers comic. Art very good.
The author is now drawing another webcomic, I give it 4/5 :
Three Panel Soul

4/5Maliki [fr]

[Extrait] [Extrait] Yes it's her turn ! You may remember my fan art for her. Cats, joy, cats, great humor, cats, perfect art, and cats!!!


So... This is one old and very known webcomic. It was once a strip about gaming and anime fans. Very funny and nicely drawed. But now we have more than 850 strips. What is it now? A long, looong, sloooooow, shojo strip.
Reading it each day is hard nowadays. I don't care much as I read it by paquets of 30. But even with that, each time it doesn't seen the story moved. Yes, even my sagas are going fast. compared to that :)
Anyway, still sometime I get to laught out loud on a strip.
If you didn't know, my "dead sala days" come from it, the author Piro often have "dead piro days", where he draws a random picture.
For you the beginner, go to the site and read the archive. The beginning is absolute 5/5. Currents, I'd say 3/5.
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One gamer strip, one geek strip. I don't have any other selected in mind (nor in my irc logs where I usually find them ^^), but read the beginning.
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2/5Moderately Confused

[Extrait] [Extrait] "Far Side" format. About the nowadays world. Quite fun.
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Nerdy comic. Yes really. It talks about many subjects, and is simply very fun.
lastest 30 Monty

6/5Mr Le Chien [fr]

[Extrait] Bon les mecs, je ne vous donne pas de sélection, je ne vous dis même pas de quoi ça parle. Vous y allez, et vous lisez toutes les archives. MAINTENANT ! Ah, oui, 6/5. Je hais ce type. Ah, post-edit, je mets aussi 6/5 à Boulet, quand même que y'ait une justice. n'empêche... Un jour je les dépasserai !
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3/5Neko the Kitty

A cat strip, mostly. Fun and cute.
Selections: goldfish, Amazon, overdone, who wins, barbichette, geometry, Ulysses
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3.5/5Nerdcore: The Core Wars

This one is particulary interesting. The story is very complex as it has many different characters, but I don't really follow the storyline myself. I'm reading this because it has the most increadible and nerdy *puns* in the world.
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4/5Off The Mark

[extract] [extract] Oneshots fun drawings. And it's good.
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4/5Out of the Gene Pool

I like very very much the drawing, and it's very fun.
Recently renamed "Single and looking"
More recently... killed. Too bad.
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3.5/5Over the Hedge

Animal strip ? Yeah, and a caustic critic of humain society. Very fun.
Recently, a movie was made from it. It's a movie for children that doesn't share anything in common with the strip except the character's... names (and even that.. they changed Sammy into Hammy, and the strip followed)
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2/5PC and Pixel

I don't read much of this one, because the strips are posted about 5 days late. Well it's stupid but it kills my auto fetcher! Anyway it's not worth a patch. A "techie" comic, if that exists.
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4/5Pearls Before Swine

[extract] Cynic and dumb animals get together... This, good. You, read.
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Very fun student comic strip. READ !
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From the same author of 9, Chickweed Lane. This comic is a wonderful colored fairytale for grown-ups.
Too sad sometimes he keeps writing tons of texts and references to old films I don't care about.
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Looks a lot like "Ben" but it's better ;) So the story of an edelry couple. Since recently, all strips are colored.
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4/5Penny Arcade

This is not a webcomic. It's THE webcomic. From what I heard, one of the firsts to be world-known. Well it's about gaming and crazy gamers. Close to the news, but always fun enough for non-gamers. The art is clean and the text is usually very good.
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Gaming comic, yes, again, I know. Also a little geeky, of course.
Images urls changed so I lost the extracts I was displaying.
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3.5/5Questionable Content

  Some kind of sitcom based on obscure musical references (it's easy to be obscure on music on me). One boy, many girls and AnthroPCs thingies.
The art is real good especially when you understand all the fun is in the whitty text.
You may want to not read all at once like I did, you'd become bored of it and give out a 2/5 :)

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4.5/5Real Life Comics

[extract] This strip is very old, and you'll die reading the whole archive, but believe me, DO IT.
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3/5Reality Check

[extract] [extract] "Far Site Gallery"-like, and fun.
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4/5Rob And Eliot

[extract] This one got a very good amount of crazyness. Crazyness is good.
Some selected : Mr Devil, Cats, and the best (and yaaay for french ;p)
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3/5RPG World

Very long RPG comics. Updates have been very low lately. It's only recently when I heard all the FF7 scenario I understood it was ALL COPYED from it ;p Anyway, still many laught.
Selected : "pass this" and summoning! (read the two nexts also)
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See Reality Check description.
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2/5Rudy Park

Little geeky, little politics. Too much focused on it's own promotion :(
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4/5Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

[Extract-en] [Extract-fr] NOIR :-) This is cynic and morbid
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3/5Sexy Losers

Not for children. In fact, I won't even give out the url >:D


[Extract] Nice geeky comic.
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[Extract] Makes fun of everything.
God speak with handpuppets, the Devil hunts angels, and Buddha listen to his Zen ipod.
The heros is a super-egoed dwarf getting in love with the sexy Monique.
And the pig smokes marijuana while eating pizzas. Life !
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5/5Sluggy Freelance

[Extract] BIG ONE. Since 1997, once a day, and longer strip in full color on sunday, this webcomic make happens about everything. Space travel, aliens, time travel, vampires, demons, other dimentions with alternative characters in it, little greys, SF, robots, and of course, little animals, crazy inventors, romance, adventure, parodies (killer kittens!), storyline that are veeeery long, tons and tons of characters, recaps that take 2 strips, and all that filled with lots of tons of laughs and 37 pounds of emotion.
Don't read the latest strips, you'd understand nothing. Use the selector down there to begin at the begining of a chapter.
You may remember the dimention of pain and all its characters that comes from here :)
How can I give a selection in all that? Just one then.
All archive : http://sluggy.com/ (and no www needed, +1 !)

3/5Sore Thumbs

[extract] Gaming and political comic. Crazy writing, and nice drawing.
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3/5Soup To Nutz

Non conformist and fun. Art horrible.
30 latest

3/5Speed Bump

[extract] [extract] One-panel kind, nice.
30 latest

3/5Spot The Frog

[extract] Fun and joyfull.
30 latest

3/5Strange Brew

[Extract] [Extract] One panel.
30 latest

4/5The Buckets

[Extract] Fun how simple family strips (like Arlo) with very usual characters can, if the author is good, be, well, good.
The Buckets' 30 latest

3/5The Other Coast

[Extract] A little criticism on our behaviour in the world.
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5/5The Perry Bible Fellowship

[Extract] It can be dark, cynic, sometime even horrible. But in any case, always very funny. With differents writing styles and artstyles, a must-see !
The author specialize into making cute and beautiful things hidding morbidely horrible ones.
Some selection : Jaws, Dead shall serve, peep, game, real magic, robot, unfair, Love, Weeaboo, Sun Love, Puppy
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[Extract] I still can't get the horrible art, but this is a very known geek comics. In fact, when I wanted to do GsW I thought about doing something really like this. With maaaany copy-paste. It's here since 1997, and I'll just give you a saga selection, read several strips from this one.
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4.5/5VG Cats

I think I linked to it more than once. Lets copy/paste :
Shigeru Miyamoto is the father of video games. You owe him the Marios, the Donkey Kong, and of course... Z E L D A !!
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2/5Working Daze

[Extract] This is like a false geeky comics. Colors and entreprise strips, more accessible for non-geekies. Is not afraid to reuse the same joke for the 10th time.
Latest 30 Working Daze
By the way, I can't tell time on analogic clocks... (takes me 10 seconds each time)


[Extract] [Extract] Recently discovered for me, sticks guys going on math/geeky/raptors stuff.
It gets better and geekyer by the time, yum !
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