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I discovered something. I'm the only one in this company who actually works.
Oh, yeah, thanks by the way.

J'ai remarqué quelque chose. Je suis le seul dans cette boîte à travailler.
Oh, ouais, merci d'ailleurs.

Perdu dans l'histoire en cours ? Allez au début de "Les animaux sont nos amis"
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2005-06-08 00:48:16

* Salagir

What animal will be the future mascot?
Will you dare to see what's behind the curtain?
What's for lunch?

I could ask you to vote for your favorite, but if I didn't like the answer, I'd choose not to take care about the vote, so... (hey, this reminds me many things about recent politic) Plus, you already have a voting mission, and it's to vote with the banners on the left :)

Today, I ranked just over (or behind, whatever) "Rabbit" on webcomic list. This strip is made by a crazy french guy and it's certainly one of the most absurd and fun strips I know. I have much respect for it (more than a thousand strips!) and read it since it was sooo little ^^ That's quitte weird (and also a very big honnor) to see my strip on the same level as the one I put on the top of my webcomic link list.

For "the real legend of zelda", google it and watch the 2 episodes in flash. Very nice and fun.

Readers comments:

2005-06-13 00:10:15


On dirait RaySSJ1 ou 2, je me trompe ?
2005-06-13 03:34:03

Père Vert

Un geek ne travaille pas, il utilise les ordinateurs de son entreprise et rends quelques menus services informatiques en échange d'une somme d'argent.
2005-06-13 07:40:10


2005-06-13 11:25:02


Pas mal^^
2005-06-13 11:59:34


je preferais les dessins avant :) c'été plus pourri :) enfin plus simple :)
2005-06-13 14:09:22


I use my computer... so i'm working. (Watching porn at work)
2005-06-13 15:23:55


Heh, this is a simmilar theme to my latest. (www.daxmodeler.com/rats). Yeah them coders never stop. /me pictures himself as the guy on the far right (except without the pedal controls)
2005-06-14 13:08:26

Haures Dracochywa

plus tard je voudrai etre comme eux : des branleurs xD
2005-06-20 11:52:02


Train station : where the train stops.
Bus station : where the bus stops.
They have workstations...

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