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Readers' suggestions Final Part 2 /2
Dracke, your Phenix came too late, sorry. And Salagir, your 10 headed-dragon with 7 pairs of wings in a large view of a reconstitution of The Silmarillion great battle between Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, Bombadil and Ninjas could not be done because my religion forbides me to draw more that 5 heads to a dragon.
A Teddy Bear by Zog Zog, a Tux by Code, Scyther by Zeil.Vador and Psyduck by Teddy, a Murloc by LiLi, a Care Bear by Zeil.Vador, an Ewok by Tryum, and a gull and a cat by Hugy.
So you guys go to work and do nothing but what you're passionate about?
I do too, but I'm always reprimanded.

Readers' suggestions Final Part 2 /2
Dracke, ton Phénix est arrivé trop tard, désolé. Et Salagir, ton dragon à 10 têtes avec 7 paires d'ailes au milieu d'une grande vue d'une reconstitution de la grande bataille du Silmarillion entre les Elfes, les Nains, les Orcs, Bombadil et des Ninjas n'a pas pu être faite ca ma religion m'interdit dedessiner plus de 5 têtes à un dragon.
Un Teddy Bear par Zog Zog, Tux par Code, Insecateur par Zeil.Vador et Psykokwak par Teddy, un Murloc par LiLi, un Bisounours par Zeil.Vador, un Ewok par Tryum, et une mouette et un chat par Hugy.
Alors comme ça vous faites que ce qui vous passionne au boulot ?
Moi aussi mais on me réprimande.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Obligatory cute pet"
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2005-06-08 00:48:16

* Salagir

What animal will be the future mascot?
Will you dare to see what's behind the curtain?
What's for lunch?

I could ask you to vote for your favorite, but if I didn't like the answer, I'd choose not to take care about the vote, so... (hey, this reminds me many things about recent politic) Plus, you already have a voting mission, and it's to vote with the banners on the left :)

Today, I ranked just over (or behind, whatever) "Rabbit" on webcomic list. This strip is made by a crazy french guy and it's certainly one of the most absurd and fun strips I know. I have much respect for it (more than a thousand strips!) and read it since it was sooo little ^^ That's quitte weird (and also a very big honnor) to see my strip on the same level as the one I put on the top of my webcomic link list.

For "the real legend of zelda", google it and watch the 2 episodes in flash. Very nice and fun.

Readers comments:

2005-06-10 01:30:24

Père Vert

M'enfin !
2005-06-10 01:32:57


I love that cat ! And the story about the 10-headed dragon is very funny ! :)
2005-06-10 02:24:38


Sala...vooooooooooooooooooooooo (like in bravo).
2005-06-10 05:15:03


do a penguin!

Salagir's answer:

Too late. Anyway, Tux is (supposed to be) a penguin.
2005-06-10 07:14:56


And why not a puffin?

Salagir's answer:

You didn't say it in the comments and I forgot. Sorry too.
2005-06-10 11:54:54


can we stop the readers suggestions and get back to the funny comic?
just a thought...
2005-06-10 13:09:08

Haures Dracochywa

T'a quoi contre psykokwak :'( le povre decoupé en tranche par insecateur (remarque que je connait les noms des pokemon :p
2005-06-10 13:28:47


Ouais d'abord ! Psykokwak est le meilleur (boulet) Pokemon ! Et vu son potentiel comique (de boulet), il ne peut pas perdre contre un autre Pokemon !
2005-06-10 20:20:52


Une balaine avec 2 bosses sur le dos et qu'une dent au milieu de la bouche. A oui, elle doit avoir une corne sur le front et 3 queues
2005-06-11 03:20:25

Heaven\\\'s Gate

I say the linux penguin
2005-06-12 03:11:31


As far as I know, only two major religions ever forbad to draw 6 or more heads to a dragon. And, as the Holy One say (and as the Tri-Dimensional Vectorized One say for that matter, too), "I encountered a dwarf, then several other dwarves."
2005-06-12 15:34:51

lennon john

while my guitar gently weeps
2005-06-13 11:58:21


I love gaston's pet anyway :)
2005-06-20 12:33:33


<3 The seven-headed dragon :D
2008-02-26 12:57:31

Gaston Lagaffe

Je suis heureux que vous parlez de moi!
2008-07-16 01:21:10


(l) Franquin
2008-12-16 22:14:28


gaston !

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