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Mike. Donut and I think we'll release the software we made for UG, open source. Other people will help us improving it.
Do you understand this software will change the internet and all networks as we know them?
Man, if I even understood what this software does!

Mike. Donut et moi pensons sortir le programme qu'on a fait pour UG, en open source. D'autres gens pourrons nous aider à l'améliorer.
Tu comprends que ce programme va changer le monde des réseau et d'internet tel que nous le connaissons ?
Hey, si déjà je comprennais ce que fait ce programme...

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Network classes was much too hard"
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2005-07-13 01:38:24

* Salagir

The statue doesn't represent any particular anime girl, there's no reference this time, because I was already too late and didn't want to take to much time making her goodly enough so you can recognize her.
I still used most of my time on this part of the picture ;)

Next time, I'll try to do a queen Emeraldas... ^^

Readers comments:

2005-07-13 00:58:32


Excellent le T-Shirt de Tom ! :)

Salagir's answer:

Tous les T-shits de Tom ou presque existent et sont en vente sur des sites de vente en ligne de geek.
2005-07-13 09:21:42


Try changing the end to say: "Man, if I even UNDERSTOOD what this software does!" (replace "do" with "does"). Slight grammar thing.

Salagir's answer:

Absolutely. Corrected, thanks.
2005-07-13 13:13:39


ya une ressemblance de Mike avec xa ! Trouvez laquelle ;-)
2005-07-13 23:58:41


Le retroviseur
2005-07-14 01:12:12


Effectivement... ;)

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