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Are you a client?
You sure? No problems with computers at work?
Well, we do have this problem with the internet...
We're constantly deconnected...
We will see about that.
Oh, hi, Sonia!
Dick! I saw my boyfriend coming here, he wants to punch you, I'm so sor...
Hum... you seem okay...
Well I can handle these guys.

Vous êtes un client ?
Sûr ? Aucun problème d'ordinateur au bureau ?
Et ben, on a ben un p'tit problème avec l'internet ...
On est constament déconnecté...
On va s'occuper de ça.
Tiens, salut, Sonia !
Dick ! J'ai vu mon petit ami venir ici, il veut te frapper, je suis déso...
Hum... Tu as l'air d'aller...
Je sais gérer ce genre de gars.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Dick's girlfriend's boyfriend"
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2004-12-26 16:39:14

* Salagir

Back on our story. What will happen to our characters? Will Dick be beaten into tiny bits? How the author could wait so long to name him, and finally use "Dick"? Well, sorry, but this word is also a name? I couldn't let it go, I had to use it. And sorry again for the list of very bad puns I made with the characters' last names (cf. the not killer feature), but it could have been worse. Knowing that this character is a sucker, I was this close to name give him the last name "Sucker". The God of Lame itself stopped me.

Readers comments:

2004-12-29 11:55:00


I am able to understand the story now (since strip 80). Cool!
2004-12-29 22:10:25


il fait le stylé avec SONIA ;D
2004-12-30 12:10:30


2004-12-30 18:11:49


c un Beau Gosse ! lol genre il sait gérer ! ptdr good Work Salagir
2004-12-30 18:12:56


On veut la suite !!
2011-11-06 13:07:21


client en anglais c'est customer, et deconnected n'éxiste pas, c'est disconnected.

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