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Dick, some big guy wants to see you.
What does he want?
Beat you to death, I think.
Does he have an appointment?

Dick,quelqu'un veut te voir.
Qu'est-ce qu'il veut ?
Te casser la gueule, je pense.
Il a rendez-vous ?

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Dick's girlfriend's boyfriend"
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2004-12-16 19:49:14

* Salagir

The game of the day, find out who tributes what.
Lot's of them are in the links on the left...
The background is simply a tribute to my first american comic strip...

The image on the left is made by Inikisha

Readers comments:

2004-12-21 17:13:24


rhaa.. my screensaver looks better in technicolor(c)(r) and on my 19" iiyama ;)

Salagir's answer:

no kiddin' ?
2004-12-22 10:20:41


2004-12-22 19:48:28


j avoue ! sympa ! un petit retour au source ! apres k'on ai eu le droit o bug server et otre !^^

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