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2015-05-24 00:55:24

* Salagir

Don't worry I'm not going to update that every week ;)


Added many series and sometime the TV series. Added James Bond separately.

Read this before you give your series

• Must be at least 3 movies.
• Must be widely known.
• You must cite all movies in the series with their dates.

What is missing from the list and why:
• Toys Story: Doesn't looks like a "big" series to me... it could be here i guess. I'm mostly actually afraid you ask me to add Cars and Planes!
• Saw: 7 films in 7 years... I don't know. I so don't care about it...
• Fast & Furious, Expendables: Meh...
• Elm Street (Freddy), Friday 13th (Jason), Saw... I listed all that but most are really close, like one per year... Also I saw NONE (except Jason vs Freddy ;p)

Readers comments:

2015-05-24 03:19:56


Too bad about the Expandables but that's your own chart heh :'(

Thanks for having made it anyway, great work!

"Bad boys"?
2015-05-24 17:44:45


Et prochain film "back to the future 4" ???? :P
2015-05-24 21:26:48


Respect pour le travail accompli.
2015-05-24 22:38:10


La prochaine étape, faire la meme chose pour les séries TV, épisodes par épisodes (non je déconne ^^)

Meme par saison ca serait monstrueux avec les Star Trek, Dr Who, etc...

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