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Full Dragon Hell Comic is also here.

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Full Dragon Hell Comic is also here.

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2005-01-23 22:03:00

* Salagir

They "hacked" the website

[EDIT] Update 2019. All the sites I was talking about here are now dead. The internet isn't immortal guys. Save the cool data you find on it...

May I present you this nice website, a dynamic summary of things that matters (according to the webmaster of course):
(deadlink)://perso.accelance.net/~cbellot/news/ (original coder)
(deadlink)://dindinx.net/news.php (mirror)
You see the real reason I linked to it? On the left. no the other left. Yeah, here. Nice pic hu? No, not the User-Friendy, the other one. Well I don't mean User-Friendy isn't nice: it is. Uhm... let's get back on the topic.
The webmaster and I didn't have any sharing agreement, it's not needed, he just scripted something. Parsing a website to get some data is something quite simple (especially when the website is well written like mine ;p), I've done it myself more than once.

Another did. My blogger and troller friend Maxime made a RSS feed on Geek's World. (deadlink)://maxime.ritter.eu. org/orphelins-du-rss-feeds-non -officiels-breve149.html
Well mind me, this RSS things rocks! So I decided to simplify his life or any other guy who wants parse my data's life by making the Geek's World official RSS!

Do you know how RSS works, what is it for, etc.? No? Well find it out on google, I'm no damn tutorial... I present you two files:
http://www.geeksworld.org/flux.rss.php This one gives you the strip of da day
http://www.geeksworld.org/flux-full.rss.php This little guy got all the same things the website has, including readers comments

Readers comments:

2005-01-28 14:51:56


... tss !
2005-01-28 20:38:28


i va pas loose comem ? !!
2005-01-28 23:59:50


Yo ! Ben il a l'air mal au point le bonhomme :P
2005-01-31 02:45:56


Sala: pourquoi il lève la patte arrière ton dragon? On dirait un chien qui fait pipi; c'est ridicule pour un méchant dragon de l'enfer!!! A mon avis il est locomoteur déficient parce que c'est plutot la patte avant qui devrait etre levée si il a fait passer sa queue par le côté. Là au prochain strip il se plante la tête dans le sol tout seul, parce que il se sera enmélé la queue dans les pattes.
Ah ces dragons c'est plus ce que c'était ;-)

Salagir's answer:

Les plaintes sur une grande partie des pages sont à envoyer à Rachid, voire à notre jeunesse fougueuse où qu'on savait mal dessiner ;p
2005-02-15 00:23:07


Lorsque l'on voit le dragon s'exister avec sa grosse queue, on peut se poser des questions. Surtout dans le deuxième strip, on distingue bien le sourir orgasmiques. Les dragons, c'est tous des pervers.

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