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Hey, where's Ray?
Oh, he won't come today, some friends lent him a game.
You know Ray can't leave a game unfinished. He won't move or even sleep until then.
Well, Ray rocks at all games. I'm sure he'll be back in 2 or 3 hours.
I haven't played a RPG since a long time...

Hey, où est Ray?
Oh, il viendra pas aujourd'hui, des amis lui ont prêté un jeu.
Tu sais que Ray ne lâche pas un jeu sans l'avoir fini. Il ne s'arrête même pas pour manger ou dormir.
Bah, Ray roxe à tous les jeux. J'suis sûr qu'il sera là dans 2 ou 3h.
Il y a longtemps que j'avais plus fait de RPG.

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2004-08-09 05:27:20

* Salagir

I see the naked girl thing doesn't work, so, here is now: get me tons of visitors, and you will win free Gamecubes, free PS2, but no X-Box ;p

Readers comments:

2005-06-22 12:21:21


"..played a rpg since a long time" to "...played a rpg for a long time"
luckily i know enough french to see how easily this mistake is made

Salagir's answer:

;) Changed, thx.
2007-04-14 02:19:17


What is an rpg?

2007-04-15 08:36:38


It's "an rpg" rather than "a rpg" because "rpg" is pronounced starting with a vowel sound, so "an rpg" flows.
2007-07-09 17:25:39


It's Final Fantasy X ^^
2007-07-13 18:11:41


No, that's DAOC.

Salagir's answer:

In this strip, and as it's written on the CD-box, it's indeed FFX.
2008-01-15 01:45:54


this is your world
2009-01-31 23:21:06


rpg---> role playing game (I think)

for example: FF; Dragon Quest.... ect
2010-03-14 18:47:47

Tay tv

"This is YOUR story".
Auron rules.

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