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How do you manage to be always happy and confident like that?
OK, I'll tell you my secret.
When I walk, I randomly talk to myself in thoughts, like... "This street and everything around are mine. I own the city and everything around. Man. This tree is here because I want it, I'm God and these people around are losers. I rock so much they don't even know."
Whooo... You're allowed to think that?
No, but it's tolerated.
Man! The sky is so blue today! I'm that good.

Comment fais-tu pour être aussi heureux et confiant tout le temps?
OK, je vais te dire le secret.
Tout en marchant, je me dis à moi-même des trucs comme... "Cette rue et tout ce qui l'entoure sont à moi. Je possède la ville et tout autour. Hey, cet arbre est là parce que je le veux. Je suis Dieu et les autres ne sont que des nuls. Je roxe plus que tout et ils ignorent ma puissance."
Whooo... T'as le droit de penser ça ?
Non, mais c'est toléré.
Qu'est ce que le ciel est bleu ! J'suis trop bon.

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2004-07-30 00:56:10

* Salagir

No animal was harmed during the making of this strip.
No, I'm lying. During the making of this strip, lots of animal died. Lots of them were killed, some kitten where certainly drowned somewhere is the world and dogs where "fixed" and lost they manhood forever. Insect where killed to protect our crops and thousands of fish, cows, chicken when killed to be eaten by man.
The paper I used to draw that is made of killed trees. Every second we live, and because we do, we destroy a very big part of the world so we can continue to live in this comfort.
Sometimes it's good to remember that.

Make publicity for this strip: when I'll get 100 visits per day, you'll see Lina naked! So link to me!

Readers comments:

2004-08-09 04:14:04


Branleur va ! Pas étonnant qu'autant d'animaux soient morts !
2004-08-17 00:04:54


Sala ... Get a life ;)
2004-10-04 23:13:48


No, get two or three more, so you can draw more strips and entertain my deeply sad and exhaustingly pityful life ;-)
2006-06-29 09:55:59


Congrats! I like your work. I really do!

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