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Someone is following me since a long time. I'm sure of it.
I hear its keys or something and he is clearly following me.
I slowed down one time and he didn't go past me. This time, I stop.
OK show yourself!!!

Quelqu'un me suis depuis longtemps. J'en suis sûr !
J'entends ses clefs ou quelque chose et il me suis c'est clair.
J'ai déjà ralenti et il m'a pas dépassé. Cette fois, j'm'arrête.
Vas-y montre toi !!!

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2005-06-24 01:30:39

* Salagir

I've been very busy recently, and so was late and the drawing are not very good, sorry.
I've been recoding a big part for an online game and it took lot's of my time. For you geeks, before I did anything, the server load average was constantly about 16!
Now I remade the biggest part of it the number of players increased greatly (it's faster so more are coming) and so the load was about 4 to 8. And now the rush is passed, it's almost good ;) (very currently it's 0.27, 0.46, 0.76)

Readers comments:

2005-06-24 01:39:59

Père Vert

It's funny, I also tried to optimize some PHP servers this week. Do you want also some help to draw a load average graphic on your server ?

2005-06-25 22:06:04


Funny, I was just thinking "Wow, He has greatly improved, his drawings have never been that good!".
Well, If I've well understood, soon it will come back to usual, right :-)?
2005-06-25 22:45:33


This week drawing course is : "how to use the same drawing of Dick three or four times in the same strip, and how to avoid the readers to notice it"...
obviously, sala, you fell asleep in the middle of the course ! :-)
2005-06-25 22:44:57


Well.. seriously.. I don't care as long as there is a good idea behind and if it's funny.. but it's true that it could be better

Salagir's answer:

Like I said, I made lots of differents things and for this one, I did it in like 1 hour being veeery sleepy. Ahhh... sleep... (said à la Homer)
2009-01-29 13:12:39


Ca ne changera rien au strip, mais <<Quelqu'un me suit>> :)

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