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Who talked?
Me. Ultimate Goodness.
Eyes up here.
Ultimate Goodness doesn't have any shape?
I do. I have thousands.
I'm usually a human with wings.
Like an angel.
Actually, Angels are a tribute to me.

Qui a parlé ?
Moi, Ultimate Goodness.
Plus haut.
Le Dieu du Bien n'a pas de forme ?
Mais si, des milliers.
Souvent, je suis un humain ailé.
Un ange, quoi!
En fait, les anges sont en mon hommage.

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2004-08-27 02:24:27

* Salagir

And now for the image on the left... You're certainly wondering what is World Hypocrisy, I'll tell you.
World Hypocrisy is thinking that you must not draw a penis in an "all-public" (how do you say in USA? G-rated, isn't it?) comics strip because children could see it, considering that half of the world already got one, and other half see the same picture in biology.
World Hypocrisy is censoring with "biiips" the word "fuck" on TV, when showing people torturing themselves for audimat.
World Hypocrisy is when a member of the governement says "we think the price is worth it", talking about thousands of dead children.

Readers comments:

2004-08-30 07:05:18


I live in France, I wanna see the penis !!!

By the way, about the so-called "nipplegate", an interesting article : http://news.independent.co.uk/...mericas/story.jsp?story=552815

PS. Or didn't you draw it because you thought angel must a have a very short one ?
No, in fact I know : it's pure laziness !!!

Salagir's answer:

Argh! Now you know! I'm not political at all, I'm just lazy! I'm discovered!
2004-10-04 23:23:38


I see once again that R-MaX roams the Internet like no Google-bot could do in its entire thread life...
2006-01-24 16:39:39


Interesting and very true ideas you have exposed there.
2010-03-21 20:09:31

je conai pu mon pseudo

ya pas de fr o debut

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