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Why did you choose this shape?
First, I help humans, so I usually take a human form.
And for the wings?
A long time ago, humans (stupidly) thought that birds were free because they could fly. I took the thing because they are the symbol of freedom.
Also, when flying without wings, I looked dumb.
You're right. Superman does look dumb.
And in my times, there were no capes either.

Pourquoi vous avez choisi cette forme ?
D'une part, j'aide les humains, j'ai donc pris forme humaine.
Et pour les ailes ?
Il y a longtemps, les humains pensaient (bêtement) que les oiseaux étaient libres parce qu'ils pouvaient voler. J'ai des ailes car elles sont un symbole.
Et puis en volant sans ailes j'avais l'air crétin.
C'est vrai. Superman a l'air crétin.
Et de mon temps, il n'y avait pas de capes !

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2004-08-27 02:24:27

* Salagir

And now for the image on the left... You're certainly wondering what is World Hypocrisy, I'll tell you.
World Hypocrisy is thinking that you must not draw a penis in an "all-public" (how do you say in USA? G-rated, isn't it?) comics strip because children could see it, considering that half of the world already got one, and other half see the same picture in biology.
World Hypocrisy is censoring with "biiips" the word "fuck" on TV, when showing people torturing themselves for audimat.
World Hypocrisy is when a member of the governement says "we think the price is worth it", talking about thousands of dead children.

Readers comments:

2004-09-02 01:57:52


Freedom isn't about having wings !

Salagir's answer:

That's what I said, pal.
2004-10-04 23:24:40


Freedom is about having a Freebox, ain't I right, Auré ?
2007-02-13 18:03:16


I believe i can fly,i believe i can touch the sky !!!!!!
2007-11-08 02:21:02


C'est quoi en fait "G-rated"?
Google n'est pas mon ami en fait...

Salagir's answer:

je crois que c'est le nom général pour dire qu'il a une interdiction. Ces interdictions sont PG, R, des trucs comme ça.
2007-11-09 03:43:13


Aaaaah ok...

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