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I've been reading tons of these webcomics this afternoon, and god, they are amazing!
I think I should make one also!
Are you sure you have a subject, and good ideas? Because there are already many bad webcomics.
I have the perfect subject!
Hey! Why the long face?

J'ai passé mon après-midi à lire pleins de BDs en ligne, et elles sont vraiment bien !
Ca me donne envie de faire la mienne !
Tu es sûr d'avoir un sujet, des bonnes idées ? Parce qu'il y a déjà beaucoup de mauvaises BDs en ligne..
J'ai le sujet parfait !
Longue journée, hein ?

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "A new webcomic : Tetris"
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2005-10-12 00:23:21

* Salagir

Site optimized for 1280x1024 ;p

Yes friends... I have a big screen now. I went directly from 1024x768 to... 1600x1200!
Everything seems... so tiny! Especially these stupid width-fixed websites, and they are many!
Don't worry, I won't produce strips with this much width all the time... most of the time I'll try to keep them readable in a 1024x768... (with the same format but 2x2 panels instead of 1x3 here, it's okay).
But I really think I can put this bigger format as my new standard (I may make the text font bigger too)... after all, less and less people are using 800x600... or should I do a small and big version? (please no! ;p)
According to this, we have now 1/4 with 800, more than a half with 1024, and 1/7 with more...

So I don't know about you , but I love this big format :) When I compare this strip to my first... so smaaaall!


My last entry about it... I just whatched 2x03 and.. it's really really bad. I knew it was going to be worse and worse but didn't think it'll be that fast.
The best for current viewers is to stop at season 1. If you're willing to continue because you wanna know what happened to the raft and such, here are spoilers:
Some mysteries will be added. Characters will face something stupid will no explanation and will do what there are told anyway, not trying to understand why. Jack, the only last guy who tryed to figure things in this mess, just submited himself to peer pressure and stopped thinking.
Walt used his hidden superpowers to add an unuseful scene in order to make the viewer feel mystified. New characters that could have explained thing have appeared, they are either bad guys or crazy fool that was in a flash back 'cause its cool, and he run away in the wild. Jin knows little things but can't say them in English. In Corean he certainly said : "I didn't see nor remember anything".

Readers comments:

2005-10-12 00:25:24


By chance, I already have la large screen ^^ (but 1280x800, laptop).

You can stay with this format, but you have to move le left menu at top (or bottom ?). Think about others visitors ;)

(pssst, "plein" est invariable ^^)

Salagir's answer:

Don't worry, others will truly be viewable directly in 1024
2005-10-12 07:23:49


meanwhile in the geeksworld compagny?
2005-10-12 10:14:43


Tetris is THE subject : take for example a big lan or anyroom in a informatic school and one man begining to sing the bascial song of tetris, you'll see a strange phenomenom something like everyone begining to sing tetris too!
Tetris is the begining of the geek
2005-10-12 11:06:50


This geek have a nice "copine de geek" ! The problem with a Tetris strip is that some parts of characters will disappear when a line will be form...

However, I will probably look again this strip this evening on my big 20,5' LCD screen in 1600x1200...
2005-10-12 12:46:03


hey cool i have the orginal tetris for gameboy
2005-10-12 16:49:06


Well, I have a real nice resolution of 1680x1050 (that's widescreen) on my laptop. Having good eyesight :P , I use pretty small fonts, and I now can't stand having to use anything under 1280x1024 (which is what nearly all of the screens are at my school).

By the way, I love the comic :D Keep up the good work
2005-10-12 17:31:51


en 1024*768 ça passerait niquel si y'avait que 2 cases
2005-10-12 18:38:10

G33k tr0||

Et si au lieu de jouer à l'uptime, on jouait à celui qui à la plus grosse ?!

Je parlais de résolution bien sûr.
2005-10-12 20:46:33


Les hommes, geeks ou pas, cherchent toujours à avoir "la plus grosse" quelque soit l'objet de la comparaison. :)

Ahh Tetris, c'est mythique Tetris ; tout le monde y a déjà joué au moins une heure dans sa vie et certains geeks continuent encore à y jouer. ^^
Je plains les petits jeunes qui dès leurs plus jeune âge sont confrontés à Counter Strike et autre War Craft, ils ne savent plus ce qu'est un vrai jeu.
2005-10-13 07:44:50


ben j'evolue a CS dans une formation francaise relativement efficasse ca m'empeche pas de sortir mon tetris de temps en temps ! quand au faite que les hommes veulent toujours la plus grosses regarde pour les femmes! ah bon c'est pas un object pardon ^^ ( ok je sort :( )
2005-10-13 13:49:07


Tout ceux qui n'ont pas un 1600x1200 doivent mourir. Sélection naturelle rulez.

Et oui j'en ai une grosse.
2005-10-13 11:49:06


C'est ce qu'on appelle par chez nous le e-penis, cela marche avec tout ce qui est jeu/hardware informatique en general quoi
2005-10-13 13:51:16


Une petite pensée émue pour http://www.geeksworld.org/strip_1.html à l'époque où certain en avait une petite.
2005-10-13 15:48:01


Awwww, so uncool. Now I'll have to hit the "Maximize" button to read Geek's World. Fullscreen is so conventional ;-)...
2005-10-13 18:45:57


I've got that Tetris on NES \o/ Tetris ROXX

i use 1152 x 864 if higher i can only use 60hz to be sure my sreen wont break T_T
2005-10-13 20:06:07


Déjà que j'ai du overclocker mon écran pour avoir du 1024x768 en 70Hertz..
C'est pas simpa de mettre le site en grand :/ Il ne me reste plus qu'à me payer un nouveau écran en revendant mon slip rouge collector
2005-10-24 21:40:31


Attendez voir que je me paye un rétro : j'aurais un jour un 70 pouces !!! gniark gniark gniark ! :)

Hey Salagir, tu veux pas lancer au contraire une version mini-small de ton site, pour les téléphones EDGE / 3G ? un site pour 5 pouces et moins ? en texte ...
Avec nos idées farfelues d'opérateurs téléphoniques, on va finir par se retrouver à se balader avec notre téléphone/appareil-photo/lec teur-MP3/clé-USB/disque-dur/c lé-de-voiture/montre-digitale dans une poche et une dalle super-lourde super-large super-fragile sous l'autre bras...
2006-07-07 19:01:08



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