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Did you sell the photos of Lina's kind of guy?
Mike said he got one from you.
I sold him a picture of John Wayne. Now he thinks what he wants.
Hi babe.

Tu as vendu des photos du type de mec de Lina ?
Mike m'a dit que tu lui en as passé une.
Je lui ai vendu une photo de John Wayne. Maintenant il croit ce qu'il veut.
Salut poupée

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2004-10-06 00:17:31

* Salagir

Hi guys.
So, I said some time ago that you'll get to see Lina naked when I'll have 100 visitors per days... And I have 150 since 4 days, thanks to some friends who put the url of the website on a very big gamer irc channel...
Yes, they really wanted to see her ^^
I'm not a politician, so I'll do as I said. But I'm kinda late tonight, I'm late every night since I have a job, and I will surely change my pace.

So for friday: Lina Naked! (you deserved it)
And a strip... If I have time for that too ^^

Note: Lina is currently saying: "Hey, I've never accepted that !!"

Readers comments:

2004-10-06 00:20:52


Free the naked chicks
2004-10-06 00:58:36


I don't like Lina's T-shirt. The fish isn't aggressive enough. This one is better : http://www.linuxland.de/katalo...s/opensshshirtseepferd/framify
2004-10-06 00:59:26


Or a fish like this one : http://www.openbsd.org/images/MangaRamblo.jpg
2004-10-06 10:44:51

Guess who

A POIL ! ...
2004-10-06 13:52:12


Lina Lina \o/
2004-10-06 19:22:24


Usually, John Wayne always has a rifle in his hand.

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