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Why would do you dissolve the guilds, Ray? Do you always play so offensive?
Well, no but... When someone challenge me, I wipe the floor with him.
So he asks the help of some friends and I wipe the floor with them. So they ask the help of their guild and I wipe the floor of all members.
So other guilds laugh at them so they defie them to beat me, and I end up with all the guilds destroyed.
You mean this has actually happened??
You didn't heard about the "Ultima Online Guilds War Incident" years ago??
A load of gamers closed their account. Electronic Arts wanted to sue him.

Pourquoi détruis-tu les guildes, Ray ? Tu joues toujours de façon aussi offensive ?
Bah, non mais... Quand quelqu'un me défie, je l'écrase comme un rien.
Alors il revient avec des amis et je les écrase comme un rien. Alors ils reviennent avec leur guilde et j'écrase tous les membres (comme 1 rien).
Alors les autres guildes se moquent d'eux, ils leurs disent d'aller me défier et au final toutes les guildes m'attaquent.
Tu veux dire que tout ça est vraiment arrivé ?
Tu n'as pas entendu parler de "l'incident des guildes d'Ultima Online" il y a quelques années ?
Pleins de gamers ont abandonnés le jeu. Electronic Arts a voulu porter plainte contre lui.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "DAOC : /Gamers Against Ray/ strikes"
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2004-11-07 18:41:10

* Salagir

Words that I hate

I've finished translating all the old strips in french, but I still have problems when I do today's strip, define the size of the word balloons, then translate into french the text: french takes so much more space!!
The sentence structure is much longer to begin with, but some words make it even worse.
English people understood the mighty power of 3-letters words. French didn't. Behold... the "words I hate 'cause they take so much space in french" list.
now => maintenant
why => pourquoi
ask => demande(r)
sue him => porte plainte contre lui (cf 63)
what => qu'est ce que
did you => est ce que tu
fuck => Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d'enculé de ta mère. (It's like wiping your arse with silk.)

Comic of the day

Looks like much like Mac Hall, but isn't. Very nice drawings.

Readers comments:

2004-11-11 14:27:06


Yeah French rocks.
2004-11-21 00:46:51

Made In France

French are imbas.

Salagir's answer:

Et c'est quoi un imba ?
2004-11-29 03:17:06

Yeah baby

Imba = imbalance = unfair = warcraft III Geeks talks, used to whine because you lost, so your race is imba, and the opponent race is very powerfull ( nothing to do with the skill of course) :D

Salagir's answer:

Thanks for the help! I found out it was about WC3, but believed it was a particular unit...
2005-11-22 02:50:11


Haven't heard about, not didn't.
2005-12-11 01:55:56

not quite, baby

Actually, it's just the other way. If you call a class or race imba, it's your opinion, that it is exaggeratedly powerful. I've never seen anybody call himself imba, in this case usually peoples skill come into consideration.
2006-01-16 08:55:46


Good work, I like the french translation ;)
2009-02-26 17:50:22


J'ai enfin compris le "nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d'enculé de ta mère".

Matrix Reloaded. Je t'aime, Sala'.

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