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So you are in fact a real Ray fan, but you're making it impossible for him to play DAOC?
I'm so sorry, but I played DAOC since the beginning, and my guild is number 1. But if Ray entered, he would begin an interguild war, and wipe the floor with us.
Our members would flee, dishonoured by a DAOC newbie. It'd be the end.
Well then, Ray can enter your guild, so it'll be the others guilds that will be defeated.
Ray doesn't join guilds. He defeats the guilds by himself, alone.

Alors en fait tu es un fan de Ray, mais tu l'empêches à tout prix de jouer à DAOC ?
Je suis vraiment désolé, mais je joue à DAOC depuis le début, ma guilde est numéro 1. Mais si Ray entrait, il déclancherait une guerre interguilde et nous écraserait.
Nos membres s'enfuiraient, déshonorés par un débutant à DAOC. Ce serait la fin.
Et si Ray rejoingnait ta guilde ? Ainsi c'est les autres guildes qui seront détruites.
Ray ne joint jamais de guildes. Il détruit les guildes à lui seul.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "DAOC : /Gamers Against Ray/ strikes"
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2004-11-07 18:41:10

* Salagir

Words that I hate

I've finished translating all the old strips in french, but I still have problems when I do today's strip, define the size of the word balloons, then translate into french the text: french takes so much more space!!
The sentence structure is much longer to begin with, but some words make it even worse.
English people understood the mighty power of 3-letters words. French didn't. Behold... the "words I hate 'cause they take so much space in french" list.
now => maintenant
why => pourquoi
ask => demande(r)
sue him => porte plainte contre lui (cf 63)
what => qu'est ce que
did you => est ce que tu
fuck => Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d'enculé de ta mère. (It's like wiping your arse with silk.)

Comic of the day

Looks like much like Mac Hall, but isn't. Very nice drawings.

Readers comments:

2004-11-08 02:00:14


For a a moment, i believed Ray was playing ninja gaiden.
2004-11-08 03:12:18


Yea! this is Lambert Wilson's (playing the Merovingien) sentence out of matrix !
A propos translation.. maybe you're right Salagir but often there are 3 or 4 ways to express something in french with slight but important differences and only one single word in english and that can be frustrating when you want to be really precise in explaining something.. you have the feeling you can't.

Salagir's answer:

Or maybe we lack vocabulary ? ;)
2004-11-08 19:25:23


Keep up the good work!!!! Tha'ts a "Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d'enculé de ta mère" BD . i'm french and i can assure that ure french fucking rox (and my english fuking sucks....)
Thx for the fun u give to me when i'm reading this!!!!!:)

Salagir's answer:

Tu sais, étant français aussi, c'est normal ;)
Thx for reading this ! :)
2004-11-08 22:38:32


If you want to have a real hoot, try translating your strip into German, and discover the m1gh7y p0w4r of "DONAUDAMPFSCHIFFAHRTSELEKTRIZ ITAETENHAUPTBETRIEBSWERKBAUUNT ERBEAMTENGESELLSCHAFT" which designates "the club for subordinate officials of the head office management of the Danube steamboat electrical services" (80 letters, but germanist will say otherwise since you can compose words as needed in this beautiful yet devilishly mad language) viel grüß !

Salagir's answer:

phyzz, you're crazy and I love you for that. I'll make a german version any time you want, provided you or dwarf or r-max does the translation :)
2004-11-08 22:39:53


Ahah ! 1 r0x0r ! 1 h4ve sh0wn the l1m1ts of y0ur p1t1ful H7ML c0de ! gniark gniark gniark <grin> !

Salagir's answer:

2004-11-09 00:17:58

Anonymous Coward

Can't wait for the "p4ntl3ss n1nj4 fury" :)

Salagir's answer:

Come on Amon, you're so discovered[*]! And put your pants back.
[*] F34R M3 'cause I keep the poster ip address, and yours is quite familiar... muahahahaa ! :)
2004-11-10 18:07:30

Another Anonymous Coward

> I keep the poster ip address

I hope that your server is not in France, the IP are nominative personal data (google says "personal personal data", hum), and you must declare the file to the CNIL and display the declaration ID on your Web site.
2008-02-20 07:44:12


Zoh em pretzil the longedness in teh words! eh we Australians would probably abbreviate it if it was our language. We abbreviate everything >_>

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