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Gamers Against Ray Organization
To prevent Ray from playing DAOC, we've hired a first-class ninja assassin.
How could you pay such a guy? He must cost an awful amount of money!
Well in fact, he made us a 99
He is a strong gamer and as a pro ninja, he won't ever be discovered. I have only one fear ...
Can you sign me an autograph please?

Organisation Gamers Anti Ray
Pour que Ray ne puisse pas jouer à DAOC, on a engagé un ninja assassin.
Comment avez vous pu payer un type pareil ? Il doit coûter une fortune !
Et bien, il nous a fait une ristourne de 99
C'est un gamer averti et un ninja pro, il ne sera jamais découvert. Je n'ai qu'une seule peur ...
Vous voulez bien me signer un autographe ?

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "DAOC : /Gamers Against Ray/ strikes"
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2004-11-02 02:45:54

* Salagir

Again, I'm doing a tribute for an anime I don't really like... But they have interesting ideas.
I didn't remember how were the things so I looked with google images and found what I needed.
I also found astonishing things, like a Seele meeting parody (read from right to left):
[edit] damn stupid paranoid webmasters. Click here and find the link "the meeting" : http://www.evangelion-armageddon.com/Dojinshi.php [/edit]
And the weirdest cosplay ever, look especially at the 3rd photo, they are crazy ^^:

Readers comments:

2004-11-09 15:38:59


Katanas are not so straight. Fake ninja?

Salagir's answer:

Choose your answer:
* Real ninja, fake samurai! Who said ninjas had katanas?
* The katana is not straight, it's just badly drawn.
* Katanas are not straight... do you mean katanas are gay?
* OMIGOD look behind you!!!!! (run)
2009-11-16 19:48:35


hum, même les ennemis peuvent être admirés

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