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First, we need to know who are the people involved in this software.
I'll put the underground guys on that.
Then we kill them all.
As usual.
How dare you do this to me? I think you're just bitter and hate me because I produce the Xbox!
Oh that's you?
So you are the new Sega?
Yes... your new real threat! Your worst nightmare!
No, I mean, the ones who think they can surpass Nintendo then at the end make games for us.

D'abord on doit savoir quels contacts ces geeks ont à l'extérieur concernant leur programme.
Je lance les gars du milieu dessus.
Ensuite on les tue tous.
Comment oses-tu me faire ça ? En fait je crois que tu es amer et tu te venges parce que j'ai sorti la Xbox !
Ah, c'est vous ?
Donc vous êtes le nouveau Sega ?
Ouais... Votre nouveau vrai concurrent ! Votre pire cauchemard !
Non, je veux dire, ceux qui pensent prendre le marché de Nintendo, puis à la fin font des jeux pour nous.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Underground guys"
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2005-12-08 01:24:31

* Salagir

A little talk about Miyamoto, the controller-remote, and good excuse to link to VGcats a lot.
Shigeru Miyamoto is the father of video games. You owe him the Marios, the Donkey Kong, and of course... Z E L D A !!

So the Xbox came out. When Microsoft talked about that, I was laughing like everyone else, especially at the fakes with the xbox making blue screens of the TV. Now I see the goods of it. I mean, when it's hacked. So I could play games for free (even simpler than a Playstation, you don't have to burn anything, anyway I neved played Playstation [*]), and especially use the neo geo and supernintendo emulators ! Yeahhh !
So I went all : http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=37
(I tell you, when I'll be a grown-up, I'll be the vgcats artist. I'll go back in time, kill him, and draw his strip. Maybe it already happened...)

[*] I heard of this weird concept of memory card for the first time with the Game Cube. Before that, I was like Gon discovering Greed Island. Which also explain why I didn't understand a thing on this part of the manga at the time.

What are the goods of the Xbox ? Because except for Soul Calibur that is on every console (and THANKS the editor for that! I hate it they didn't do it for SC3) I didn't play any game on that... only emulation games. So anyway that's just a PC pluged to the TV and controllers. A cheap PC. But I already got a PC. Just need the controllers.

Now about this weird controller, well I now trust Nintendo are its weird choices (I really though this 2 screen things would sink like the titanic) I'm almost interested enough to buy the Revolution. Maybe ;p
It sounds like this remode can really do everything. Of course, it still is kinda weird. I wait and see...

Readers comments:

2005-12-09 00:23:11


Le Bill Gates là, il l'a cassé !
2005-12-09 00:33:11


Cauchemar et pas Cauchemard :p
2005-12-09 01:18:38


Je ne suis pas inquiet à propos du contrôleur. Nintendo n'a pas toujours tout transformé en or (ex : Virtual Game Boy), mais il a toujours tenté d'innover, et ça été souvent payant (jouer à Metroid sur DS ^^ le touch pad est le meilleur stick analogique que je connaisse :p). La manette est d'ailleurs leur point fort, toujours ergonomique (quoi que la DS... mais n'appellons pas ça "manette"), et innovante (croix directionelle, stick analogique, boutons flipper (L-R), gâchette...)
Mais étant donné que cela puisse être génant pour les jeux usuels, je suppose que Nintendo sortira également des manettes "de base".

En parlant de Zelda... vivement 2006.
2005-12-09 04:17:13


Miyamoto=My hero
looks like its hapening allready
2005-12-10 04:00:02


2005-12-11 17:56:23


Pouwned :p
2005-12-11 20:59:08


Myamoto my hero
Myamoto my masta
Myamoto my father
Myamoto my concepter
Myamoto my Salagir ?
2005-12-12 10:44:06


1ere case: barbichette!
autres cases: rasé !?
2005-12-12 22:16:26


Dwarfoo7 c'est pas le meme personnage ...
2008-07-08 12:02:27

Rhelling aka Cthulhu

Cauchemar s'écrit sans D...

Quel nul ce Bill Gates!!!

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