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Who are you calling?
Err... my grandmother.
That much money? You're kidding, I want twice more!
We're talking heritage.

Qui t'appelles?
Heu... ma grand mère.
Combien ? Tu déconnes, je veux au moins deux fois plus !
On parle d'héritage.

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2005-12-18 16:17:20

* Salagir

I have many ideas for Dick's "good" excuses. I think it's gonna be fun ^^

I just added a new much waited killer feature: the comment search. On your left...

Readers comments:

2005-12-19 05:50:55


Ben tien

U.G. va t'il intervenir ? !
2005-12-19 11:07:28


vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!

Sala: Do yo mean that following strips will focus on Dick's "good" excuses? Readers can suggest something? perhaps we could have a crossover in alternative realities (remember Strip 166); this won't reak the story(?). By the way, i'm not the scenarist, so GO ON !!!

ps: vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!vive MAI !!!
2005-12-19 11:23:52


J'ai toujours su que Dick était un vrai patriote.
2005-12-19 11:58:31


Maybe like this?

"We're talking about heritage"

Salagir's answer:

OK ^_^
2005-12-19 23:17:23


Much better =), BTW i like the expresion on other guys face lol (forgot the name o_O)

Salagir's answer:

Mike ;p I'm quite happy with it too, I was afraid it wouldn't look as I want, but no worries this time.
2005-12-20 09:57:25


Un T-Shirt Mai Shiranui, la grande classe...

TroyB, c'était pas une moitié de perso fort, elle...
2005-12-20 19:12:01


moi déjà signé pétition. moi pas content!
2010-03-31 18:37:50


J'adore la tête de Dick a la troisième case. Faudrait que j'aille appeler ma grand-mère moi^^

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