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2005-11-28 02:27:09

* Salagir

I'm moving into a new flat. I'm also adapting to belgium life. As it is cold around and melting snow in the street colded my feet, I made something I don't usually do: I went into a shoes store by myself. The horror goes on as I now have to buy furniture. Will I keep going in this crazy capitalist mood or shall I sleep on the couch, and work on the floor? Stay tuned for so much increadible informations!

The new flat also got a cat. A kitten. A cute jumping gnawing clawing human-climbing kitten that goes "meow". More entertaining and loving than any TV show. We didn't name him Garfield.

All this to say I don't have much time in my hands. Plus, I'm working on others things (as usual you would say), but, this get difficult.
And I also don't really know what to do next. I do have many strips in scenario, don't worry, but I would like to review them, decide what kind of transition to do, what overall story will go on, if a new saga is to be started or not.
To conclude, I'm tired.

Quote of the day

"Plus d'idéaux ce serai la fin des guerres. Qu'est ce qu'on demande de plus pour tuer le temps en attendant la mort ? Plus de guerre, de l'amour, du Saint-Emillion pour tout le monde, plus de guerre, des fleurs, du champagne pour les pauvres et des enfants qui chantent, de la musique. Plus de guerre, des crépuscules sereins, des nuits blanches, et des portes-jartelles noirs, et plus de guerre."
(Pierre Desproges)

Readers comments:

2005-11-30 00:35:30

Pinai||eur ch|ant

You're not drawing, you're talking on IRC, I have the log ! Ok, you were talking about geeekworld, but that's not an excuse : I want my strip !

Salagir's answer:

Nope, no strip for you today! :p
2005-11-30 10:14:30


omg that dude is still watching 666's on the watch, LOL
2005-11-30 10:59:45


ahahah the comment made me notice the guy looking at the clock ! :-)
Nevertheless .. Salagir, 'am sure you will loose readers if you have so many dead sala days ! :-(
2005-11-30 12:41:08


Bon, c'est bien beau tout ça mais quand vient le prochain strip ?
2005-11-30 17:58:16


meanwhile in GsW...........
2005-11-30 22:39:27


courage :p
2005-12-01 04:51:09

Arokh Fithos

Hope you come up with a comic that relates to Geek's World with the made-up characters soon

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