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Full Dragon Hell Comic is here.
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CRACK ! ! !

CRACK ! ! !

Full Dragon Hell Comic is here.
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2005-01-01 16:47:10

* Salagir

This puts the end to the (surely) most romantic love story ever written.
Damn, I need to draw the next strips!

New super feature

I spent lots of time not drawing (;p) to make this one: the search engine (link "search a strip"). With this, you can find strips by the content of their dialogues!
I had to code a photoshop text extractor to do this.. I'll release it somewhere, it may be useful.
And you can also put this feature in your search engine list !!!! (if you're using mozilla or firefox, there is a search engine list on the upper-right corner of the browser, with google, yahoo, etc. and you can type and search directly through it) Isn't it wonderfull and 100% geeky?

Quote of the day

While I was coming back from work, in the subway, 3 young guys took a bad turn and were in a one-way corridor.
One of them said: "Hey we're in the wrong direction!"
Another answered: "We will win some boost!"

Of course, to understand the crazyness of this line, we must have played Burnout 3: Takedown.

Readers comments:

2005-01-07 00:16:51


Free Willy

Salagir's answer:

You're right I'll rename the character to Willy :)
2005-01-07 16:00:04


Dragon Hell *** ! :P
2005-01-08 22:33:36


cte tete de malade ( sinon sala la theorie du g faim pour les hommes de néendertales c pas bete mais ca marche pas c t plus en raport avec la trique du matin je pense elle arrivai plus ou moin tot si les jours s allongai ou devenai plus court ) juste pour dire : NEED SRB !!!!!!!!
2005-01-11 01:05:59



Salagir's answer:

Son PERE était un héros! (mais non je connais pas par coeur la chanson d'Ariane ;p) [j'en ai profité pour virer des fotes d'ortho]
2006-01-24 18:01:59


Aw, how cute, "libertad"... Qué bonito ver algo en español :)

Salagir's answer:

Some like to say this word. The same also like to wear Che Guevara T-shirts, and don't know who the hell he is.
2006-01-25 15:56:22


Hehehe that guy... Just became the-cool-thing-I-want-to-have-on-my-t-shirt. It's funny how it's that way now... He was a guerrilla fighter, he traveled all the countries here in Latinoamerica with the dream of joining them together as a single country(it never happened, of course, but it was very kind of him :P). Oh, and it is also quite funny to see how words get popularity in other languages and their meanings change so much :P

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