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Mythic Entertainment, DAOC editor
I received a letter asking features for a particular player. He wants to be untraceable, being able to change of identity so others won't recognize him, and as counterpart want to get levels 10 times slower.
Special features for a player only? Who does he think he is, Bill Gates?
I also have the signatures of 378 players who say they will close their account and ask their friends to do so if we don't do it.

Mythic Entertainment, l'editeur de DAOC
J'ai recu une lettre demandant des fonctions pour un joueur particulier. Il voudrait etre intracable, pouvoir changer d'identite pour que les autres ne puissent le reconnaitre, et en contrepartie veut gagner des levels 10 fois plus lentement.
Des fonctions speciales pour un seul joueur ? Il se prend pour qui, Bill Gates ?
J'ai aussi les signatures de 378 joueurs qui disent qu'ils fermeront leurs compte et diront a leurs amis d'en faire autant si on ne le fait pas.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "DAOC : /Gamers Against Ray/ strikes"
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2004-11-23 23:43:38

* Salagir

Some people didn't understand the latest strip. My hint: don't search too far. The 68th strip makes the plot go on, and they are several small gags in it. That's all.
Lot's of people didn't understand at all what I said in monday's comment. Sorry. I wanted to say something complicated and couldn't manage to do it in english.

The images on the left are fan arts that I do some times. You can find some of them on my other website.

Readers comments:

2004-11-24 09:37:23

Anonymous coward sending stuffs from a proxy in China

Page 69 / 69 ... d'abord diabolique, maintenant sexy...
Encore une creation d'une jeune deprave !!
J'ecris aux administrateurs de votre serveur pour qu'ils censurent cette infamie de webcomic sur le champ.

Salagir's answer:

Ben ca fait 1... Je vois pas le problème ^^
blaise.carrefour.com c'est un proxy chinois ? ;))
2004-11-24 11:51:46

Anonymous chinese proxy admin

In fact, we cracked into Carrefour network, and use their proxy as a proxy to our proxy's requests.
2004-11-24 11:52:02

Anonymous coward sending stuffs from a proxy in China

Casseeeeeee !
2004-11-24 12:02:07


i wanna say tg !
2004-11-24 12:13:53


tg like Tare Gaizede ?
2004-11-24 13:36:12


378 is not so much!
2004-11-26 05:01:00


It's obvious that this strip is written by a computer geek, that has doubtful interest in Asian culture.

378h = 888d
888 is a super lucky number in China. (sounds like "fortune" ("fa"), 8 is pronounced "ba")
// mais c'est pas comme ca que l'on fera fortune ! (c)
It's also one of the 2 standard address of the parallel port on a "IBM compatible" computers.

Burn him !!! :)

(and, yes, 378 is not so much.)
2004-11-27 17:59:39


378 is the number of members of GAR!
JiLpi: ^^l
2007-05-24 21:27:15


NO, TG LIKE "Ta Gueule" (Shut Up) in french !
2009-04-29 18:00:27


68/746 ! j'ai encore du boulot

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