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Tom needs to use a Windows...
You know, there isn't even VI on this system!
At least they recognized the supremacy of Emacs!
There isn't Emacs either.
Do you handle this well, Tom?
Too... stupid OS... can't... use...
To be continued...

Tom doit utiliser un Windows...
Tu sais y'a même pas VI sur ce système !
Au moins ils ont reconnu la supériorité d'Emacs!
Y'a pas Emacs non plus.
Quoi ???
Tu t'en sors bien, Tom?
OS... Trop... stupide... peut pas... utiliser...
A suivre...

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Mac VS Windows"
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2004-10-11 11:22:12

* Salagir

The website was down through all sunday, I'm very sorry about that.
Very soon I'll get a new machine and a new provider, and this won't happen again (happiness)

Readers comments:

2004-10-15 00:01:29


first post.

yes I am lame
2004-10-15 00:07:07


edlin (under old DOS) is your friend :D
2004-10-15 17:24:07


2004-10-15 23:51:37


2004-10-17 16:07:32


So Emacs is a stupid OS? I knew it.
2004-10-25 15:10:50


Why don't use TECO: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text_Editor_and_Corrector
It is the very ancestor of all text editors and is available for all boxes: http://almy.us/teco.html
An example of TECO command: qa-qb"g xa k -l ga -1uz '
2005-08-11 00:55:06


Dick c'est une bite il utilise Emacs...
Emacs est un bon OS auquel il manque juste un bon éditeur de texte. :)
La preuve que Emacs c'est le mal, c'est que Dick l'utilise. ^^
2006-11-11 21:29:27


Windows is great.

( I know the exit => )
2007-11-17 11:03:14


There's a port of emacs on win32

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