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What do we need for our start-up?
I'd say walls, and a salesman.
A real one, not a geek.
Yes, we geeks are too nice with people[1]. We need a strong evil negociator.
[1] Except when people are "users" and the geek is "sysadmin"
He must know things about computers.
OK. I find a cool place and you get a salesman.
Yes but not too much. We'll teach him ourselves, to be sure he knows the right things.
A home-made sales-geek. That'll be a great experiment!
I feel like Frankenstein already.

On a besoin de quoi pour une start-up?
J'dis des murs, et un commercial.
Un vrai, pas geek.
Oui, nous les geeks sommes trop gentils avec les gens[1]. Il faut un killer.
[1] Sauf quand les gens sont des "utilisateurs" et le geek est "admin système"
Il doit s'y connaître en ordinateurs.
OK. Je trouve des bureaux et vous un commercial.
Oui mais pas trop. On lui apprendra nous même, pour qu'il sache les bonnes choses.
Un commercial- geek fait main ! Ce sera une grande expérience!
Je me sens déjà comme Frankenstein.

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2004-06-25 02:51:42

* Salagir

Hope you like the story so far. Yes I know, what would I do without the copy/paste feature...

If I make english mistakes, please tell me. I'm only a frog :)

Readers comments:

2004-07-12 05:34:11

Persephone (Bad Angels)

It's not "We'll learn him ourselves", it's "We'll teach him ourselves"

Salagir's answer:

Oh my, you're right. Thank you.
2004-12-10 15:51:51


Not interesting at all
2004-12-10 15:53:32


And you what do think about it?!
2005-06-04 07:03:26


Actually, "learn" has been used that way in the past, and it would be like a geek to do it now too. At least, I do sometimes ;-). On the other hand, I don't think I've heard a marketing person referred to as a "commercial" before...

Salagir's answer:

That's because I used the french word, being to lame to find the good one. I just changed all that.
2008-01-09 17:57:10


gg c'est marrant
2009-08-01 09:33:23


Ah ah, toujours aussi marrant ceux du début :)
2010-04-17 07:30:26

son goku

oui ses vrai

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