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I can't believe it! Who tore down the door and burnt the floor again ?!
Send the bill to our registered office, address 18 avenue Quebec 91957 Courtaboeuf town.
Mr Thomas Overdad?
I don't know you. What do you want?
Do you remember this little AI program real-time simulation of an anthill you wrote yesterday during lunch pause?
Maybe... and so?
Developpers of a well-known software company used your code, but it quickly managed to run on it's own and created a newcivilisation. But we have a little problem...
Which is?
These lamers erased all the comments and we don't know the purpose of the variable on line 20306.
...and about this other project you guys stole from me last year...
The one our marketing dept. renamed as "Matrix Project" ?
Well no, it's still not under the GNU license if that was your question.
Then forget it.

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2006-09-06 10:20:15

* Salagir

I'm back ! So.... Oh yeah you all want the end of the demon saga ! Well it's next monday (yes I know it's far and it's hard but it builds character)

Now a little bit of propag... of information. In fact going back from holidays where I didn't took a simple glimpse in the world is nice, except for the coming back. I don't read much informations, but I'd like to share with you the funniest (cough cough) I just read :

So we will begin with airports, and planes. I love planes. We may be badly seated, but we still have a fast travel, and no vibrations, which is way better than the train for drawing.
That's a long time I didn't take the plane, but it looks more and more difficult. You've got terrorist with new kinds of geek bombs and you know... the others. They are not white, they don't speak english.... scary!!! This article tells several funs stories that delayed planes : the others.

Anyway, still, you should try to take the plane the most you can, because planes won't fly anymore in a few years. How do you think these gigantic eavy things will fly without petrol?

And also a nice article, the kind of "of course I lied you stupid americans, hey, thanks for the vote, suckers" :
President Bush Admits Iraq Had No WMDs and 'Nothing' to Do With 9/11
As one of my link sources says, this would all be a load of fun and laught if that wasn't for all these, you know, thousands of killed people.

What about france? Well, two corsica terrorists killed themselves with their own bomb ahahahahaha, and our politics are still loosy (did you see our wonderful minister of foreign affairs? He is a delight and didn't remember England was never invaded by Germany).

Readers comments:

2006-09-08 00:09:38


Kind of an extended holiday, we have IA again as guest again !

Salagir's answer:

Un peu comme des vacances allongées, nous avons à nouveau IA qui fait un strip !
2006-09-08 00:10:53


Héhé, c'est Tom qui a codé le programme appelé Matrix. :)
Ligne 20306 de toutes façons sans préciser le fichier Tom risque pas de répondre. À moins qu'il ait fait le porc et ait tout codé en un seul fichier. Ce qui se comprendrait puisque c'est "un programme vite fait entre midi et 2." ;p
2006-09-08 00:18:01


...And that keeps being such an honor for me, master Salagir ...
(traduction : et pis cela permet de continuer à augmenter les stats de mon site -qui ont quand même fait un bond de 300% en passant soudainement de 1 à 3 visites en deux ans !-)
2006-09-08 00:46:35


Petite précision : l'adresse est rigoureusement authentique (vérifiez dans les Pages Jaunes, tiens !)
2006-09-08 06:54:04


2006-09-08 11:23:08


Mais si Celelibi, Tom doit se rappeller dans quel fichier se trouve un ptr à la ligne 20306.
Et j'avais déjà vu les guest-strips d'ia avant que Salagir les sorte : visitez son site ^^
2006-09-08 12:35:56


C'est mignon tout ça.
2006-09-08 12:37:27


PTR: Pont Temporelle a Retardement
2006-09-08 17:13:19


Ouah j'adore <3
2006-09-08 18:36:04


trés joli.
2006-09-08 23:26:22


2006-09-10 18:27:11


Avec ce strip, il est sûr et certain d'une chose : Tom est effectivement le deuxième meilleur geek du monde ^_^

J'aime bien en tout cas. Ia du bon dans ce topic...

/me sort trèstrèstrès trèstrèstrès vite...

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