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Frag kills
So you were lying?
I was joking!
But you overreacted and caused problems... again !
You've haven't evolved since high school!
Stupid Olympics.

Frag kills
Tu m'as menti
J'ai blagué
Mais tu as mal réagi et causé des blèmes...encore!
Tu n'as pas évolué depuis le lycée !
Stupides J.O.

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2004-08-09 05:27:20

* Salagir

I see the naked girl thing doesn't work, so, here is now: get me tons of visitors, and you will win free Gamecubes, free PS2, but no X-Box ;p

Readers comments:

2004-08-23 23:09:46


nice Ogre Tshirt :)
2007-09-08 02:10:36


Deuz 3 ans après, merci Crash Override pour m'avoir donné l'idée de faire les archives.
2010-05-15 22:18:46


pas preum's mais treum's yea :P

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