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Leave it to me. I'll burn this company to it's knees.
I haven't done it for a loooong time.
At least like 3 days.
And 8 hours.
They are geeks... I am geek.. I know how they think, how they work... I know all their weaknesses...
You're not a geek. You're a nerd. Geeks are way much cooler.
Shut up woman.
Anyway, first strike begin now. Most of theses geek's start-up don't know anything about companies laws and didn't do it right.
I'm here to check you successfully followed the administrative obligations and regulations about the company.
Run away!!!!

Laissez les moi. Je réduirai cette boîte en cendre et à genoux !
Je ne l'ai pas fais depuis loooongtemps.
Bien dans les 3 jours.
Et 8 heures.
Ils sont geeks... Je suis geek.. Je sais comment ils pensent, travaillent... Je connais leurs faiblesses.
T'es pas un geek. T'es un nerd. Les geeks sont vachement plus cool.
Tais-toi femme.
En bref, je lance le premier assault. La plupart de ces start-up de geek N'y connaissent rien à la loi sur les entreprises.
Je suis là pour vérifier que vous avez suivis avec succès les obligations administratives sur la régulation d'entreprise.
Run away!!!!

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2005-08-03 00:23:45

* Salagir

The beginning of a new saga.

Now, my life.
So I took the train on Monday, and I discovered that a demon of luck and a demon of bad luck fell on me on that day.
First was the demon of luck, who gave me a 1st class ticket, and chair on a four-guys-around-a-table emplacement. These 2 conditions are needed if you want an access to an electric outlet. Plus, we were only 2 here. So I could use my laptop without bothering anyone. The outlet was needed because my laptop got only 3 minutes worth of batteries. Even more, I had my wifi card with me.


So I pluged the electricity. No power. I pluged it to another outlet. Still none. I feared my power transformer was dead (found out later at home it's not). Well, I least I could try the wifi on a train, never did that. I have only 2 minutes...
No wi-fi.
The stewardess comes by. I ask: "-Excuse me... does the power work here?" "-Well, it should." "-Okaaay... shouldn't there also be a wifi access ?" "-Not on every train." "-Nice... (closing the laptop). Any other surprise?" "-Hum, we're very sorry, but there isn't enough meals for everyone..."

I don't want to eat, I want my maiiiiils !

Irc quote of the day

<%Tomgoku> selon les statistiques, SalaAw devient Salagir entre 9h45 et 10h :)
I'm being watched.

Readers comments:

2005-08-05 10:27:09


fire in the hole
2005-08-05 16:44:59


Hilton loves geeks ! After Lina nude, Hilton nude doing some crappy things with a geek ?

Salagir's answer:

I was sure someone would take it that way... but she only said that is a certain scale, geeks were cooler than nerds and it doesn't make geeks any real cool for her.
2005-08-05 18:53:00

Tro|| en culotte courte

Kiki : Go buy "one night with Paris" if you're interested by p0rn with Paris Hilton.
2005-08-05 22:08:50


panel two
instead of "I didn't do it since a loooong time."
try "I haven't done it for a loooong time."
as always love the comic.

Salagir's answer:

2005-08-11 02:15:26


pourquoi qu'est-ce-que se fait-il que le "run away" n'ait pas été traduit en français ? :)

Salagir's answer:

Parce que c'est une citation :)
2005-09-15 20:50:34


parce que : http://arago4.tn.utwente.nl/st...ovies/holy-grail/scene-21.html

s/assault/assaut (le premier c'est de l'anglais)

hé, les gars, je me marie le 24 juin prochain (bon, on aura le temps d'en discuter) avec Sandrine, que vous aviez entraperçu aux séances de cinéma ! yaay !
2005-09-19 19:30:57


Le mariage, ca pue, t'es plus libre !
2005-09-21 04:44:47


Quid, et j'aprends ça via GW. Mes félicitations!

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