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I may be stupid, but at least no one ever tryed to steal my treasure!

Chui ptet con mais au moins personne n’a essayé de voler mon trésor !

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2005-07-29 00:28:03

* Salagir

Yes, the beta for IE7 is open. By the way, you have to pay to have it. Yes guys, PAY to help them debug.


The technical documentation where the images come from. Note it contains "no part of this document may be reproduced" ;p

Readers comments:

2005-08-01 03:08:58


Oddly funny. haha
2005-08-01 12:17:24


En ce moment, le premier bouton de vote (WCL) passe la bannière de GW.
Celle-la pour être précis : http://www.geeksworld.org/imgs/ban-180-350.2.gif
Je la connaissais pas. Elle est géniale. J'adore. :))
2005-08-02 04:27:29


Sad sad sad. Bill Gates is the 5th most evil being in existance, the devel just beating him for the number 4 spot, with China still in third. Top 2 is a tye between Terorists and Michle Jackson.
2005-11-12 05:07:22

Arokh Fithos

So true in so many ways

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