Shop is closed!

All the sites where I opened shop years ago are now closed.
I keep the design to show, but nothing is for sale!

This is the T-shirt that the organizers of the SupaGaming 2008 wear.
Best gamers, even Nintendofans, know the power of the blue hedgehog...

On Cafepress, this image was too dark, it's changed.
Want to show to the world your love of red pandas/tanuki/racoon thingies ?

Image re-drawed for a better quality.
The whole Geek's World cast drawed by Chaps / Darkpillow in this fabulous guest cover.
The Geek's World girly cast.
This images comes from strip 402, I drawed the missing parts for your pleasure.
Donut on the road, by Chaps / Darkpillow again.

On some versions, there is also the text "Travel Light" underneath...
A new version of the 22th strip, where Ray is banned from playing quake. 4eva!
La station de train, c'est là où le train s'arrête. La station de métro, c'est là où le métro s'arrête. La station de travail...
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