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Now we're installed, let's do some marketing...
What do we do for work?
Anything that is cool...
...and that pays. Put that.

Puisqu'on est installé, cherchons des client...
Quel type de boulot on fait
N'importe quoi qui soit cool...
...et qui rapporte. Mets ça.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Lina's introduction"
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2004-07-30 01:16:22

* Salagir

Please leave comments, and tell all your friends about this strip!
When I'll get 100 visits per day, you'll see Lina naked! So link to me! ^^

Readers comments:

2004-10-04 23:11:11


It reveals so much about your behavior with women... argh! I am like that too! (Fortunately, I have got a girlfriend [gniark gniark gniark {devilish out-of-the-darkest-pits-of-hell grin}])
2010-10-28 19:38:48


Pas beaucoup de com's dans les premier strips

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