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In order to be more occuratly indexed, the texts of the strip are written in this hidden div.

It's time for you to meet your doom.
Ey! You said you hate violence!
I said that?
You did! 3 boxes from now!
That must have been one of my others shapes.

Tu vas payer cher pour tes crimes !
Eh ! Tu as dit que tu détestais la violence !
J'ai dit ça ?
Oui ! Il y a 3 cases à peine !
Ca a dû être une de mes autres apparences.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Meeting Ultimate Goodness"
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2004-09-12 16:50:19

* Salagir

That sucks. I spend time drawing a picture and the text hides half of it.
BTW, please tell me if you have problems reading U.G.'s texts.

Link/webcomic of the day:

This professionnal author is published in many newspapers. I like his strip very much. On his simple but very nice and personnal website (he does it by himself), you can read his old and favorite strips from 15+ years of publishing.

Readers comments:

2004-09-27 00:46:35


00:48 and no strip.
Houston, we got a problem
2004-09-27 01:19:15


01:15, no strip :/
2004-09-27 01:29:06


01:31, no strip: i guess he must be playing soulcalibure, having fun with chicks or watching StarWars. Or perhaps everything at the same time. :)

Salagir's answer:

You bastard we were together you could have told me directly! The strip was drawed, I just forgot to upload it. It's now on (2:31 am)
2004-09-27 16:38:47


16:37, strip !
2007-07-31 16:55:50


16: 55 3 ans plus tard... le strip es toujours la ...

Huston tout vas bien ^^

Comment ca je flood ?
2007-11-08 02:44:50


"Ca devait etre" plutot que "Ca a du etre"....
Ca choque "ca a du etre"..
Enfin j'dis ca...J'dis rien.
2010-10-18 01:23:27


Tiens...ce strip représente bien la douteuse "non-violence" des religions..

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