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No place like
We can kill them by sending load of packets. Flood. We need very much bandwidth. And lot's of differents IPs, but we don't have that.
I can arrange that.
Where are we?
You don't want to know.

No place like
On peut les tuer en envoyant des tonnes de packets. Du flood. Il nous faut beaucoup de bande passante et d'IP différentes, mais on a pas ça.
Je m'en occupe.
Où on est ?
Vous ne me croirez pas.

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2004-09-15 00:19:58

* Salagir

Well the loft didn't have any window, so they had to dig some. Mike would have choosen this particular shape for his windows, in tribute to eva and because it's SF-ish.

Link/webcomic of the day:
The guys are Koreans so we don't understand much of the others pages... Just go, and download the animation (it's flash, in a zip, at the middle-end of the page) and watch it, it rocks!

Ce trip est-il orienté jeux vidéo ?
J'utilise ma langue natale pour vous entretenir de ce sujet qui m'épate un peu, parce que franchement, je vais vous dire un truc: je ne suis pas un gamer.
Là je vois mes copains qui rient sous leur cape. Oui, je joue à Soul Calibur et Tetris dès que j'ai l'occasion. Mais est-ce que je teste les derniers jeux sortis ? Est ce que je parle des dernières sorties ? Hey, c'est pas moi qui bosse dans des boîtes qui font des jeux, hein ! (suivez mon regard... ^^)
Bref, je suis pas un hardcore gamer, donc je parle en fait plutôt peu des jeux, ou alors surtout des vieux (hey, j'ai parlé de Doom 3, je n'y ai jamais joué, je n'en ai même pas vu plus de 10 secondes). Pourtant, à la vue de ce comic-strip, les réactions ont étés les suivantes:
Gee, a gaming comic, how original ... (sur rec.arts.comics.strips)
Si on se marrera sans doute pas mal si on s'y connaît un peu en jeux vidéos, [sinon] ça risque de laisser un peu indifférent (sur http://www.abdel-inn.com/histoire.php?id=976 d'ailleurs n'hésitez pas à aller sur ce site et ajouter un comentaire sur ma fiche, ainsi qu'à mes autres BD, ca me fera très plaisir)

Bon, j'ai donc regardé tous mes strips et les ai rangés en 3 catégories: normal, jeux vidéo (référence à un jeu, qui sert pour le gag), et geek (dont il faut connaitre un peu de technique pour comprendre le gag). Résultats: normal: 29, jeux vidéos: 6, geek: 4.
Je suis peut-être partial. Je vous invite à recompter. Je continue à penser que mon strip est plutôt compréhensible par tous, même les non geeks. Et vous vous en pensez quoi ? Les users comments sont là pour ca.... :)

Readers comments:

2004-09-15 13:59:57


I don't understand this trip. What is IP ? Is it the International degree of Protection ? Or another stuff about a video game ?
2004-09-15 14:14:53


JilPi : IP means 'internet protocol' ! (now everybody knows I'm a geek)
Salagir : 'a big web connection' is a non-sense ! You certainly wanted to speak about a 'big internet bandwidth'. Real gamers don't do this kind of mistake...
2004-09-15 15:05:16


You bastards ;)
Well, I changed the text a little considering R-MaX comment. But still, gamers are not geeks and any gamer could do the mistake... Especially a console gamer.
2004-09-15 15:15:24


Thanks R-Max. Whoua ! your nickname is like the famous Nike shoes ! so kewl :)
But I still don't understand why the guy in the trip needs a lot of "Internet Protocols". How protocols does he need, and why ?
2004-09-15 15:17:29


How many protocols does he need - I meant
2004-09-15 16:09:12


Salagir : Ok, I agree : some gamers could do the mistake, like console-only gamers. But all (or at least most) online gamers know that internet isn't only the web...

JilPi : you should read this book : http://www.efirst.com/XXXdetail.asp?Code=6530802
Or if you don't read french, try this one : http://www.amazon.com/exec/obi...lance&s=books&n=507846
In fact, they are saying something like : "if we want to kill their website, we need a fucking big connection to the internet".

Oh, and I forgot : for flooding, you don't need a lot of bandwidth : all you need is to hijack some computers (zombies) thanks to a worm.

To the guy who wrote this website : the box for comments is very small. Could you put a bigger one (5 lines instead of 2) ?
2004-09-15 20:59:11


R-MaX: Using web for internet is just being lazy, because I don't care about the difference. But Tom would, so you're right.

JiLpi: You don't need to know anything about IPs, just know that they need things. (and in a real world, being in a satellite would not change anything, but this one got 10 GB/s of BW and can get a unlimited [ok, 2^32 limited] number of IP addresses. I know this doesn't make any sense, but, hey, satellites are cool).

R-Max again: "the guy" got a name ya know. And the box is indeed very small, in order to prevent you from doing big textes, just like you did ! ^_^

R-Max still: Tom doesn't have time to spread a worm, the U.G. needs hotmail down, <b>now</b> (you will see why later).
2004-09-16 13:07:32


And what about the naked girl ?
2004-09-16 21:54:02


The poor girl died a very painful death due to the lack of visitors...
2004-09-16 22:30:41


Free the naked girls
2004-09-17 10:26:11


No need of IP for colossal cave adventure:
A very very old gamer...
2004-10-05 00:01:15


In fact you were right, Sala, by saying that satellites are cool: they have a very high bandwith since they carry two dozens or more equipments (transponders) which work on a large bandwith (from 30MHz up to 80MHz)
2005-05-21 17:05:43

Heaven's Gate

Wait a second...They're in SPACE! Unless the UG brought space suits with It, wouldn't they suffer explosive Decompression?(geek talk for popping like an overcooked hot dog in a microwave).

Salagir's answer:

The satelite got terminals sot it's obviously designed to be used from space and got an air system.
2005-09-14 05:40:36


Je pense que il faut écrire plus des strips 'geek.' (mais j'ai lu seulement 39 de 195 strips, peut-être il y a plus geek strips à venir)
-hopes that wasn't really horrible french and that someone reads this, even if it was posted so late-
By the way, one reason the naked girl thing might not have worked is because of the female geeks reading your strip (like me). Just a thought.

Salagir's answer:

In fact, the naked girl did work. In order to see her, some friends made a big publicity on a channel and I got many readers at one time. Now I can try to do fan-service for girls, but I don't really know what they want ;)
2006-01-24 17:01:54


Mmmm I guess you already know about this (in one way or another you might have gotten there just like I did), but anyway, I'm just curious: how much did you get in this one?:


Salagir's answer:

I don't like online tests, and especially the geeks ones: they ask us questions on Star Trek (this show like NEVER showed up in France. What could I do?) and many american related things. Anyway, I usually have far lower scores than many of my friends.
[Edit] I took a look, it's indeed the one I was thinking about. Made 30%

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