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I'm back.
You're going out?
You have a little scratch....
OH MY GOD You were hurt!! By a fire weapon at least!!
It's nothing. I'll go settle it, it won't take a long time.
You mean like 5 days.
Nope, 'cause I'm taking a taxi.
Here is the Red Panther Claw fake restaurant. Ready...
Here you are sir, it's right behind you in the street.

Je suis de retour
Tu sors ?
T'as une égratignure là....
OH MON DIEU T'as été blessé ! Par une arme à feu au moins !!
Ce n'est rien. Je vais régler cela, ça me prendra pas longtemps.
Tu veux dire bien 5 jours...
Non, car je prends un taxi.
Voici le faux restaurant couverture du Red Panther Claw. Prêt...
Vous voilà arrivé Monsieur. C'est juste derrière vous dans la rue.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "Donut's interrogation - Red Panther Claw"
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2006-05-03 02:28:49

* Salagir

I had the idea of this strip while reading VGcats : http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=187
The author just invented FMB, the proud sequel of FMA? So Here is now FMC, who will do FMD?

This was drawed by Faye. Her usual field is fanarts with a model, but here is now her first comic, so all congratulate her!

Webcomic Alphabetical List

No, seriously, is anyone reading this?

Lapin.org [fr/en] 5/5 The crazyest webcomic of the world. Of the world ! Not all strips are good, far from it. But we have already more than 1200 ! No preselection, just go and read the firsts strips !
http://www.lapin.org/index.php?number=1 / http://www.rabbit-comics.org
Lapin.org is also a webring of others crazy webcomics like Elftor I already talked about and one with adventures in.. a frige. Most of the strips are in french and english.

Lewis Trondheim [fr] : 5/5 Lewis is one of the best french comic author nowadays. He made the comic Lapinot and is guilty for the creation of Donjon, a series of series of comics.
He now has a blog. Wonderful. Down note: the bastard displays only the latests, and whiten them with time °_° ... I don't care, I automaticaly download them huhuhu

Loserz 4/5 What to say? Two geeks, a slut, student environment, the perfect place. Some selected : one, two, three, four, five, six (my fav)
All archives

Liberty Meadows : 4/5 Frank Cho is a great guy. He draws a comics strip with little TexAveryescs animals, and beautiful women. And in his free time, he makes a strip about an half nude girl who beats up dinosaurs. What could we ask else???
Latest 30 (note: currently re-runs)

Readers comments:

2006-05-08 00:15:07


Encore et toujours l'excuse...
Tu devrais up tes strip dans la journée ^^
2006-05-08 00:26:20


Ouep sala t'abuze la vais être obligé d'aller me coucher si ca continue...
2006-05-08 00:31:11


minuit trente et un et toujout rien (ca rhyme)
2006-05-08 00:48:05


sala y a moyen d'avoir des excuses en francais aussi ?
2006-05-08 01:02:19

Défenseur de Salagir

Non vous aurez pas de français et vous aurez pas de strip à l'heure ! non mais !
2006-05-08 02:00:26


hé mais....red claw ca veut dire quoi ?
2006-05-08 02:38:33


It s Show time, sala tu vas mettre l'effet bullet time ? :D
2006-05-08 04:07:14


Red claw ----> griffe rouge
2006-05-08 09:54:49


ok merki
2006-05-08 14:26:20


i do not understand french. sorry

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