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You can't merge Coke and Pepsi.
Really? Then see this.
Because the liquid is black you don't see it well but look closer.
Oh my god the apocalypse will fall on us!
Did the world end yet?

Tu ne peux pas mélanger le Coca et le Pepsi.
Vraiment ? Regarde ça !
NoOOon !!!
Alors ?
Le liquide est noir donc tu le vois pas bien mais regarde donc de plus près.
Oh non l'apocalypse va nous tomber dessus !
Est ce que le monde est détruit, là ?

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2006-03-06 14:58:22

* Salagir

Link of the day

Prince of Persia half awake in the morning
*[Update!]* The same author finally released a strip with a cameo of MS Girl as herself, in The Informatrix [fr] !

My dream

I will now tell you about a dream I had. I only dream on weekends, as the others nights I sleep very little. So last weekend, I had a premonitory dream about the next episode of Samurai Shamploo (yes, it's the only thing I'm watching now, but don't worry, it's finished). This is usually a good occasion to know 27 episodes of the series instead of 26, as the premonition is nothing like the real episode. The wonderful scenario that comes to my mind at the time can't be used for anything, not even a small part for a Geek's World strip, as it implies the logic we can only accept when very drunk or deeply asleep.
For example early in the morning once, I invented a strip. I was saying in my head "Very good! I need to remember that and draw it!". Except I usually don't remember. So this time I woke up instantly and run to a paper and wrote it. Two seconds after, I was enough awake to read it with a human logic.
"What... the.... hell... is ... that????"
Because I'm way too nice to you, here is the text (from memory):
(ray is coming in the company's flat)
(anyone)- Hey what were you doing in the stairs?
(ray)- I was... playing Soul Calibur!!!
Stairs (Escaliers in fr) / Soul Calibur > pun. Ahahahahaha
After a long time I seem to recall the extraordinary pun was because "escalier" and "Soul Calibur" are so alike (for English only readers: no, they're not)
So that's why now, when I'm half-asleep and think about a super-good strip idea, I don't wake up.

So about Champloo. Here is my lost episode 27 (spoiler, hahahaha).
A Smurf (the blue thing, the Smurf) was doing some cakes and slicing it into parts. He didn't have a usual Smurf hat, but it wasn't one of the ones we know either (like the Handy Smurf or the Baking Smurf). The cake was in fact make of pure gold and it made it difficult to slice it and eating it.
As the Smurf where eating it thought, it became some gold yellow Camembert cheese.
Then, as they needed to fight against the Shamploo cast or I don't know who, a Smurf took a big part of the cake, only the inside of the Camembert, and modelled it as a sphere, and sank a small creature in it.
Then he tossed it as a Pokeball for the creature to attack.
Hu, I think that's all.
You think I can produce the story into an anime? The problem will be to get the rights from Peyo and Nintendo, of course....

Readers comments:

2006-03-08 00:06:34


Pas de coca dans mon wisky, malheureux...
2006-03-08 00:08:02


1er mwhahahaha !!! enfin *-* hmmmm d'apres toi salagir dans un Super Smash Bros on peut melanger Sega et Nintendo? XD
Z e l d a a d d i c t
2006-03-08 00:27:47


Salagir, c'est anti-physique. L'un est forcement AU DESSUS de l'autre.
/me va chercher du coca et... hum...
/notice Meowcate Penser à acheter du Pepsi

(La virgule est ton amie ^^)
2006-03-08 00:13:48


Hey tien faudra que j'essaye ça un jour. :)
Et d'abord c'est pas noir, c'est rouge très foncé, ça se voit quand on regarde à la lumière.

Dis moi sala, ça arrive souvent que le sweat de Mike se mette à changer d'une case à l'autre ? :) Genre le petit coeur qui est apparu.

Et au passage les bouteilles ont pas la même perspective ni le même éclairage, ça fait pas crédible du tout. :p

Edit : et merde, 2 messages en plus le temps que j'écrive.

Salagir's answer:

Oui c'est rouge mais bon, vulgarisation scientifique....
Sweat : non c'est la première fois ! J'avais envie :)
Bouteilles : j'en ai trop chié pour trouver déjà celles là. Je trouvais que celles en verre pour le coke!
10 msg en plus le temps que réponde
2006-03-08 00:28:34


Oh, et puis Tom et Mike ont pris du muscle, non ?
2006-03-08 00:36:23


Meow je dirais que c'etait le jour du repas de Tom :) (il est afk :p) pis pour Mike il c'est pis etre mis à la muscu pour Lina :)
2006-03-08 01:01:22


Woah! does that actually work? I mean, it wouldn't separate vertically like that, but i could understand if the different sodas had different densities...
2006-03-08 07:19:41


euh nan y'en a pas un au dessus de l'autre les deux sont des solution aqueuse elles se melanges forcement :) c'est une solution organique et une solution aqueuse qui forme deux phase : cf huile et eau :) donc qu'importe les densité :)
2006-03-08 07:22:36


Falcon : non, car ON NE PEUT PAS mélanger coca et pepsi. Seulement pas dans ce sens.
2006-03-08 10:53:08


Ouais ba j'ai essayé de melanger Pepsi et Coca...Quelle ne fut pas ma surprise de voir...Que ca ressemble a du Coca mais aussi a du Pepsi, les 2 en meme temps !!!
2006-03-08 10:58:12


La force Coca repousse la force Pepsi et vis versa ! la fusion des deux serait une reaction nucleaire? O_O
2006-03-08 11:12:31


13Kill si tu essayais de brasser un peu le mélange tu t'appercevrais qu'en fait le coca fait des espèces de bulles dans le pepsi et vice-versa, ce sont deux produits totalement incompatibles. Un peu comme Perl et python.
2006-03-08 13:16:21


I've merged coke, pepsi, fanta, solo and mineral water. Tasted like candy.
2006-03-08 16:43:13


magnetic rejection ?
2006-03-08 16:53:17


"That's like trying to mix apples and oranges and get chocolate sauce - it just does not work." - Mark Tilden
2006-03-08 17:50:30


Haha... Awesome.

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