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GsW 200 strips so far
What's special about 11001000?
I don't appear enough!
That's not even 200! It's 169!
...and still no background.

GsW 200 strips déjà
Y'a quoi de spécial à 11001000 ?
On me voit pas assez !
Meuh c'est pas 200 c'est 169 !
...Et toujours pas de décors.

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2005-09-25 01:42:25

* Salagir

Time goes on...

Brussels' absurd maps

I'm Ryoga.
I can get lost quite easily, in fact, before going anywhere I must check on a map (I'll keep with me), note every turn and streets' names or I won't ever get where I need to be.
By car, that's worse. Because with speed I can go far from the road I'm supposed to know. And I'm not even talking about highways I can take by mistake. These things bring you very far before you can drive out into an unknown dark city at night. And this was a suburb-to-suburb drive. One time I did in 4 hours something meant to take 30 minutes.

Being in a new city, and a small city (yes, Brussels is small), I thought I could try to know it. So far I have many many benchmarks, and I'm quite happy to say, I didn't get lost much.
That's also because I know myself. In order not to get lost I know what to do: never, never, follow my instinct. My instinct is always wrong. And always urge me to follow it. Like "it soooo sounds like it's that way. That was going down too the other time didn't it? And they are cars. They were indeed cars last time. Soooo this way. Not the other one that looks like it's going nowhere."

Exactly one hour earlier, friends dropped me in some place I was never been but I knew (it's a metro station) and home wasn't far (2 stations away and that mean like 10 minutes). That would be easy, I mean for anyone but me. My instinct said: "Go there! Go over there! That is very logical for some reasons!!!".
I was not far. But I would be if I begin walking in the wrong direction. So I walked to a big map displayed on the corner.

I already knew that most of these maps in Brussels don't have the "you are here" mark on them. I mean, why being useful? But I looked for it anyway, and tryed to recognize the drawing to know where I was, what is the street name to follow... I know quite much the map of the center of the city so that should be easy.
After a little time of speechless stare, I still didn't know what was this map showing. I watched the bottom, were a mini map was, showing the entire town with a square. This square represented the part of the city the big map displayed.
The map in fact showed a part of the city were I wasn't, where it wasn't. Not even a close part close from here, no, far, like on far North, I was East. I would have to walk like 30 minutes to get to the border of this map.
No wonder I would never find a "you are here" mark on this map either...

So I followed the boards for cars that told were the next station was. Keeping going on this road would then take me home. You know these boards you don't really know if they tell you "keep this way to go there" or "turn right to go there".
At the next station, I found 2 maps, one beside the other, showing the good part of the city (at last). Both. I mean, we were close to a border, the second could show another part. But no, the same map, two times separated by one meter. Or maybe they thought many people would want to read the same map at the time?
Anyway, I could check I was in the good direction and was home easily.
I think I lost (huhu) the Ryoga in me.

Talking about Lost, I saw the first episode of season 2, man, that's getting worse and worse.
You can add it to the list of series that begin as interesting and never finish, just following the dreadful path to mediocrity, then cancelled while only the 5 last fan(atics) were watching it.

Lost in SoreThumbs

Readers comments:

2005-09-26 00:48:17


There are 10 types of people in the world ...
2005-09-26 01:18:41


Happy 11001000 ième strip.
2005-09-26 01:31:03


There are 10 types of people in the world ...

Tom-like, and others ^^
2005-09-26 07:23:07


:) c'est vrai qu'on voit pas assez le firefox :) mais pour le metre a balader ou a dormir sur un rebord de fentre ou autre choses faut un decor ^^ donc l'un n'ira pas avant l'autre :)
2005-09-26 07:52:12


yeah gratz for the 11001000
About the RTF? shirt : Is it Read The Fucking (Normes? News?)

Salagir's answer:

Ah ah, love this: Read the friendly manual ;)
2005-09-26 11:22:12


2005-09-26 14:16:14


Ils savent pas compter ou quoi ? Il y a 310 strips.
(Quoi ? Il fallait bien que quelqu'un le dise, de toute façon -_-°...)
2005-09-26 21:51:08


Nice story about "How you got lost on a dreadfull saturday evening". But why, instead of blaming your supposed to be bad sense of orientation, why don't you tell everyone the truth ? That evening, you drank 3 bottles of beer... that means 3X33,3cl, which means ONE LITTER OF BEER !!! You drunkard, no wonder you got totally Lost 300 meters away from your flat :-) !
TroyB, very fun evening by the way :-)
2005-09-26 22:16:13


Peut-être toujours pas de décore, mais un beau t-shirt pour Tom (ils se faisaient rares ces temps-ci les beau t-shirt ^^) et un magnifique panda rouge plutôt gris. :)
À propos des numéros de strip, le prochain de geeksworld (donc sans compter les autres) sera le 10101010 ce qui est assez remarquable je crois. ^^ Tien toujours à propos du numéro du prochain strip GsW, ce sera un palindrome lorsqu'il est en octal. :)
Pour continuer dans ma lancée, ceux qui savent d'où vient la réponse à la vie l'univers et tout auront sûrement remarqué que ce numéro de strip GsW est encore plus spécial. :)

J'espère qu'il n'y aura pas un strip spécial à chaque fois que ça donne quelque chose de spécial dans une base quelconque, sinon, l'histoire risque de plus avancer beaucoup. :P

Salagir's answer:

Hum... 169, 6x9 ? Ce qui en base 13... bref.
Sinon à chaque fois, heu et ben... zut, grillé.
2005-09-27 00:37:31


RTFM : relie ton foutu manuel !
2005-09-27 07:52:16


It change from our RTFx in epita ^^
2005-09-27 08:44:43


Sala's answer: Hum... 169, 6x9 ? Ce qui en base 13...
Je pensais tout simplement à écrire 169 en base 13, ce qui donne 100. :)
169 <-> 6*9 je trouverais ça un peu tiré par les cheuveux.

RTFM : relie ton foutou manuel !
Que c'est joliement traduit. :)
Pour faire plus polis on peut mettre "fichier de" à la place de "foutu".
Le seul problème c'est le "relie" car la personne concernée n'a en général pas lu le man une première fois.
2005-09-27 13:25:01


RTFM : relie ton foutu manuel ! [.. ]Le seul problème c'est le "relie" car la personne concernée n'a en général pas lu le man une première fois.
Il est vrai que le mec qui fait les reliures de manuel n'en a rien à foutre de les lire, et encore moins de les comprendre ;)
2006-11-21 22:02:48


viens de connaitre ce site.
vais m'arreter au 200e, il est une heure du matin.

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