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Don't move.
And now...
Run Away!
You remind me some people I just met.

Ne bouge pas.
Run Away!
Vous me rappelez des gens rencontrés récemment.

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2005-08-31 01:38:49

* Salagir


I've been watching this series (not on TV) and it's the main reason I'm late for my strips... It's interesting, but still uses too much cliché in my opinion.
In order to not let the plot move on, the character do stupid things like not asking the witnesses anything, not going back on the place they found clues, don't tell them to others, and kill the guys who know things for no (good) reason.... grrr.

On the other hand, I'm also watching Wonderfalls (not on TV 'cause the series is good and like all good series was abandonned because stupid people watch Smallville and reality TV and like it). I can't really describe it to you.
Let's just say it's very good. The main character hears voices... coming out from animal shaped toys, teddy bears, a wax lion or a cow creamer. These voices will tell her to do things, and won't stop bothering as long as she don't obey. Theses things usually triggers a series of events leading to happy events... or not? Just have a pancake... Muuuh

Sasan Eyes

Still talking about my life...
So I just read the last volume of 3x3 Eyes, a manga that I began years ago. It began as a very good manga, but as volumes followed, stories went longer and longer... The last 10 volumes were like a torture considering I wanted to know the end, and also buy them, because well, I was so close from the end. Each volume is about the double of the size of a regular manga, and they are 40 of them.
Ending such a long story is.. weird. Of course it had to finish, and the end is not really surprising. I mean, how could it be, after so many developpements? Let the world not be saved? Who've bet on the other side, hu? ;)
Still, Yakumo, the immortal Wu who learns cool fighting techniques, and wears a cool thing on his arm, that I don't really know what it is but totally stoled it for Black Ninja, and Benares, the immortal Wu, who's cooler than Alucard (from Hellsing) himself and got a totally awsome dragon shape... I see them again in my mind, fighting each other again and again (being both immortals, they had maaaaaany encouters, and each time... survived both ;p). And Pai, being stupid and Sanjiyan Unkara Pavarti, being stuborn.
I should not read Blue Seed (same author) that would certainly kill me!

Readers comments:

2005-09-05 00:21:10


tagadac tagadac tagadac (bruit de 2 noix de coco qui se percutent!)
2005-09-05 01:13:01


J'ai l'impression que BN à eut le temps de changer de son costume de N1nJ4 par rapport aux strips précédents. :)

C'est marrant en voyant les jambes de BN dans le dernier cadre j'entends très bien le bruitable qui fait un truc du style "tluluductluduc...." :)

Que va-t-il se passer par la suite ?
Je suis sûr que sala à déjà tout planifié pour les deux-trois strips suivants. ^^
2005-09-05 07:33:40


J'en suir sur aussi comme ca il peut regarde lost pendant qu'il desinne les strip xD ^^
2005-09-05 09:43:28


six or seven panel without copy-past possibility...

Salagir's answer:

I decided to cut it into smaller strips. That's still 5 panels without paste, and the 2 next strips will be like this too.
2005-09-06 16:54:14


Fallait l'achever le percepteur
2005-09-06 20:19:40


récemment et pas récement :)

Salagir's answer:

Hop !

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