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...and I just can't do it. It's computer limited.
Only through your eyes.
You must unlearn what you have learnt... Free you mind... Little grasshopper... May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce... Blablablablabla...
I got the solution.
Who did you see??
The GM.
The Game Master? The one who knows all? The...
No. Garbage man.

...et je ne peux pas le faire. C'est limité par l'architecture.
Seulement à travers tes yeux.
Tu dois désapprendre ce que tu as appris... Libère ton esprit... Petit Scarabé... Que le chemin du héros le mène à la Triforce... Blablablablabla...
J'ai la solution.
Qui tu as vu ?
Le GM.
Le Game Master ? Celui qui sait tout ? Celui...
Nan. Garbage man.

New in the storyline? Get to the beginning of "DONUT, best hacker in the world"
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2005-03-03 02:15:36

* Salagir

Dumb keywords

I'm going slightly mad...
A research for geek's world on google gives for 4 firsts answers webcomic listers websites where I put my site. And then there are pages about the worlds of geeks but not about this webcomic. And my site is not in the answers, even after 10 pages !!

Clearly people found new improved ways to fing my website. Theses keywords were used on a search engine, this site came as an answer, and the visitor clicked on it.
* minish cap walkthru --thanks to strip number 76
* what is ecchi --thanks to strip 37
* inikisha --who made 3 banners for me (aligato)
* webcomic quake naked --thanks to strip 22 and my crazy promisses
* calculer la valeure ajoutée -- 0_0
* the world sexiest commercial --re
* 2005 email contact not cuire --what was he looking for?
* homer simson --thanks to Hamster in his comments pages 93 and 107 who can't write :)
* animes japanese themes mp3 --strip 65
* jean claude van damm --be aware
* lingerie femme geek --stop dreaming!
* dictionaire du francais en breton --°_°

Readers comments:

2005-03-07 09:56:00


Je veux pas faire de leçon d'anglais ... mais "grasshopper" c'est la sauterelle. Le scarabé c'est plutôt (pas le chien de mickey) "beetle". Bon bref peut-être que je devrais me taire ... :-)

Salagir's answer:

Oui tu devrais :) Il n'y a pas d'erreur. Corrige plutôt les traducteurs de "fung ku".
2005-03-07 17:46:10


Mais non affirme toi Tb_ Sala aussi il a besoin de se faire rentrer dedans de temps en temps. Ca ne peut faire que du bien à son égo de scénariste!
2005-03-08 01:40:35


C'est moi qui me fait des idées ou ... (cf ^)
2005-03-08 02:46:07

Inferta Feast

How do you get put into google's search engine any way?

Salagir's answer:

I asked Donut and he hacked google for me.
More seriously... I tryed to say it clearly with a good english sentence, but it turns out I can't... So I'll just give an exemple.
Bob is on google and search for "inikisha".
Google gives and answer, Bob navigates the pages, and eventually comes to this page: http://www.google.fr/search?q=inikisha&start=14
And he clicks on my site. The browser sends a request like that : "hello, I'm, I used a link on http://www.google.fr/search?q=inikisha&start=14 , and I want to see your page www.geeksworld.org/ ". When you click on a link, most browsers give to the site they open the whole url from which you clicked.
And my site gives him the page. And he sees where you come from, see it's google, parse the url and is, like: "hum.... I understand now! ;p"
2005-03-08 07:42:58


i'm here since the 73' pics but i read all of them now ;)

i know this site trough #Clanwar.fr on icq quakenet.org :)

very sorry for my awfull english :(
2005-03-08 08:55:40


T'as vu sala, on t a ramené plein de visiteurs avec cw.fr.
Ca mérite un petit dessin de Lina en dessous coquins ;)

Salagir's answer:

Bah, tu l'as déjà nue ! Et puis depuis le nombre de visiteur à a peine augmenté ! Alors j'aimerai + de visites que ca pour faire un autre fan service les mecs !
2007-06-24 01:17:50


2008-12-04 17:48:38


Je sais que ça ne sert à rien car ce strip est vieux, mais c'est "un scarabée", je crois ;-)

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